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Yaki hair is defined as the African hair that has been processed for it to be straight—the process is called relaxing.

The cuticles are usually destroyed before the whole process is done. This has been quite a trend for some time now, and those who clearly benefit from this are those with very curly or kinky hair.

Sources of Yaki Hair

  • Synthetic. These are high-quality thin hair strands of plastics that are processed to appear closely like natural hair.
    These are similar to women wigs that are widely available in the market. They are the cheapest variety.

  • Remy. These wigs for women and men alike are made of authentic and virgin hair that has been untouched by any chemical or mechanical process.

    Remy hair is usually imported from India; they are known to be the best source for this type.

    Indian women have been known to grow their hair long and cut it at the same time, as part of their traditions.

    They use the most organic shampoos that preserve the luster and health of their hair. This is the most expensive variety.
  • Non-Remy. This source is also made from natural hair;
    The only difference compared to the remy is that it comes from various people.
    Remy only uses one hair source to ensure the consistency of the texture, color, and even length.
    But the best sources are used for non-remy, this men and women wigs are cheaper than remy.

Types of Yaki Hair

  • Silky Yaki Hair: This is often called straight silky and is the finest of the variety.

    It appears to look very straight but upon close view, you will see that the yaki variant is still evident.

    This gives a freshly ironed look on the hair
  • Regular: This is the most commonly used type of wigs for women and men.

    The afro that has been ironed and relaxed is still very visible. This has more coarseness compared to the silky straight.
  • Kinky Yaki Hair: These women and men wigs look like an afro that has just been newly blow dried, averagely straight, and coarse.

  • Coarse Yaki Hair: This is the afro that is in its truest form. It has not been relaxed, ironed, or blow dried, just in its own curly self.

    This type of women and men wigs have two varieties—the curly coarse and the wavy coarse.

According to the Place of Origin

  • Indian Yaki: This is made from the remy hair that originated in India.

    But this is the lesser quality than remy because non-virgin hair is used so this tends to tangle easily.

    Virgin hair can be used but not that often and is quite impractical because it will undergo certain processes involving chemicals and ironing.
  • Malaysian Yaki: This is thicker and more durable compared to Indian yaki, but their curls are softer and wavy compared to the coarse and kinky African American yaki.

  • Chinese Yaki: This is the strongest and thickest variety that is guaranteed to last longer compared to the other yaki's.

Care Tips for Your Yaki Human Hair

  • Shampoo: There are wig shampoos that are available in beauty shops.

    But in case you have difficulty looking for one, you can use shampoo that is formulated for dry, frizzy, and damaged hair.

    Using a wig stand is advisable; this helps in ensuring that the wig stays in place and minimizes tangling.

  • Anti-frizz Serum: It is ideal to apply this while the wig is still wet or damp because the product is well absorbed at this phase.

  • Air Dry: Don’t use iron or scrunch the towel to dry the hair. This may cause tangling and may compromise the quality of the yaki.

  • Brush: Wide-toothed brush is ideal to use. Don’t brush hair too much to avoid shedding.

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