Wilshire Wigs:
Fashion That Comes with Great Fun

One of the biggest hair goods and wig store in the United States is Wilshire Wigs.

Their store specializes in men and women’s wigs, hairpieces, and accessories that come in a wide range of designs, styles, and colors. The Wilshire women’s and men's Wigs showroom approximately has 2,000 wigs on display and a whooping 10,000 pieces stored in the stock room.

This store works with the best manufacturers in the world to offer the best wigs, hair extensions, and hairpieces to their customers.

The Wilshire Hair Wigs Story

Wilshire Wigs & Accessories is owned by Ralph Sampson who started the business in 1967.

The first of their many stores was located along the streets of Los Angeles, this being the first and the largest.

It started out as a store exclusively selling to wigs shops and beauty trade.

But eventually Wilshire Hair Wigs ventured into direct selling of their men’s and women’s wigs to the public but still kept the beauty trade accounting to 50% of their sales.

Then in 1978 they decided to expand the business by adding a new division that they named Silhouette Hair for Men, which catered to hairpieces from manufacturers that focused on men as their specific market.

For years, Wilshire Hair Wigs has been well-known for being the primary supplier of wigs and hair accessories to a multitude of TV shows and movies like Dreamgirls, Titanic, Desperate Housewives, and CSI New York to a name a few.

They’ve also been a part of the greatest costumes in theatrical productions like Disneyland, Cirque de Soleil, and even the Academy Awards.

Wilshire Hair Wigs was even able to create a twenty-feet long wig for the production of Rapunzel.

Ventilators is the technical term used for the stylists or wigmakers who sew the strands of hair and come up with wigs masterpieces. Wilshire Wigs & Accessories are known to have the best ventilators and expert wigs staff in the beauty trade industry.

Did you know that Wilshire Hair Wigs products are not only limited to wigs.

Here are some products that Wilshire Women's and men's Wigs is known for:

  • Eyelashes and accessories
  • Scalp protectors
  • Hair care products such as shampoo and lusterizers
  • Spirit gum and removers

Wilshire Customized

One of the exceptional parts of the Wilshire Wigs & Accessories is the custom-made men’s and women’s wigs they have for their customers.

They make wigs according to the size of the head, the shape of the face, accessories they want to add up on the wig, and all the other specifications the customers would want on their wigs. 

They can request to add highlights as well. Customized men’s and ladies wigs are of course more expensive compared to the others that are readily available at their showroom.

Wilshire Wigs Latest Innovation: Monofilament Wigs

Being in the beauty trade for quite some time, it is important that they continuously innovate to give more options to customers.

And one of the latest innovations from them is the monofilament wig, which is also known as the “mono.”

This wig is of higher level compared to the standard cap wig. Here are a few differences of monofilament and standard cap wig:

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  • Structure where the hair strands are attached. Monofilament wigs from Wilshire Hair Wigs use thin mesh nylon fabric, while cap ladies wigs just use weft—a long string where hair strands are sewn.

  • Natural/Realistic Look. The monofilament wig looks more natural than the standard cap.

It is because the sewing of the hair on the mono is also sewn on the hair itself rather than just on the base. This produces a more natural look.

Lightweight and Breathable. Since there is not much hair attached to the mono compared to the standard cap, it weighs lighter and feels much cooler on the head.

The spaces on the mono wigs from their base have more breathable spaces than the standard one.

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