Wigs for Men: When Men Need
That Crowning Glory Too

So why wigs for men? A wig is a hairpiece. The word is the shorter version of periwig, which was first used in the year 1675 and first appeared in the English language.

However, the choice in the industry of making hair pieces for men is yak hair. It is worn on the head just like with the human’s normal hair.

It could be a head of human hair, horsehair, feathers, wool, buffalo hair, or just some synthetics that are made from different forms of fiber.

Aside from its resemblance to human hair in consistency and appearance, it is also inexpensive to use this as an alternative to human hair.

The History of Wig Usage

It has also made part in the records of history. The earlier times noted the use of wigs to cover the baldness of men and women.

According to ancient history the Egyptians who shaved their heads would put on wigs to protect their heads from the sun.

During the reign of King Louis XIII who lost his hair at a young age, “along” wigs for men was a vital part of every French garment.

The French, who were more exquisite about their fashion sense, wore exquisite wigs.

And in the decades that came next, more eccentric wigs were worn by the French but suddenly lost its importance during the French Revolution until later in the 1820s again when men wigs were again popularized.

The Purposes of Wearing a Wig

There are some cultures and religions that observe putting on wigs for men and women.

Married Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jews believe in their rabbi’s teachings that men and women’s heads should always be covered when going outdoors. It is a sign of respect to their god.

However, the rabbis later thought it to be inappropriately modest to use a wig because of the appearance of having an uncovered head, the reason why snoods or scarves or some other headgears were alternatively recommended instead of wigs for men.

Wigs are worn for varied reasons but usually for aesthetic and stylistic purposes. It is a great way to have a quick change in appearance. Such wigs for men are mostly seen during themed parties like in Halloween or birthdays that require the wearing of costumes.

There are also other social occasions like weddings or some other commemorative events when actors and actresses would be demanded to use wigs to enhance their roles in a movie scene.

Some people would also use them during their job interviews. And it also comes with age, when people experience hair loss.

The comfort of having a head full of hair prompts them to use a wig to cover their heads rather than having expensive hair restoration therapies.

Hair loss is apparently evident in cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapies always result to complete baldness and it is just embarrassing, especially for women, to not have hair.

This is one of the reasons when men's wigs are of great use. It becomes a welcome addition to the patient’s garments until such time that they see their hair growing out normally again.

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The Market for Wigs For Men

For many centuries already, wigs for men have been used for varied reasons. It is not just about being fashionable and donning a new look. It is not just a current trend that people began to wear men wigs.

History and religion can come up with other purposes of using a wig, although it cannot be denied that wig remains one of the simplest fashion changes one can have. 

Whatever the reasons, wig makers are enjoying the lucrative market that they have and it has been going on for years and will probably remain for more years to come

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