Wigs for Black Women:
Basic Wear or Stylish Fashion?

So what are wigs for black women? Our hair has always been called our crowning glory, and we style, pamper, and give much attention to it to make it always look good and healthy.

We spend so much time and money just to have the best look for our precious hair. Some work for us, yet some result to damage, which makes it look worse instead of looking at its best.

African-American women, on the other hand, were blessed with Afro or black hair that appears to be very curly or spring-like when untouched by chemicals

Defining the African American Hair

Compared to other hair types, African-American hair generally looks denser and thicker, which sometimes looks as if it is fuller.

Due to its very coarse shape and texture, it looks and feels dry, making it prone to breakage. And because of this, African-American women resort to styling it as dreadlocks.

Did you know that having dreadlocks for a long time is the hair comes to a point where it resists growing—this is called shrinkage. And this leads to more potential damage on the hair.

The Solution: Wigs for Black Women

Some salons offer various treatments for this type of hair, but it either costs much or results to more damage.

In order for them to overcome this dilemma and be able to style their hair and give it various looks, they wear women’s wigs and other female wigs especially those african american wigs.

This perhaps is one of the most popular hairpieces that African-American use and have. Wearing african american wigs is less expensive and more convenient.

They offer a wide array of color, style, and length.

Different Types of Wigs for Black Women

Full-lace wigs for black women : Strands of hair are attached to a full-lace base that is sewn with the natural hair.

These are among the most expensive types of women’s wigs. Full-lace wigs for women result to more natural appearance.

Also known as hair extensions. They are applied either on the upper or lower part of the head, depending as to which part needs the wig.

Natural wigs : This wig is made from genuine human hair. Remy hair is the most expensive variety of natural wigs, since it has not undergone chemical treatment.

Color wigs: This is the type that has various colors; some are even colored outrageously, like a neon green or a hot pink.

Used in the earliest times of the eighteenth century as part of the attire of people involved in parliamentary proceedings.

Presently, color wigs are often worn during costume parties.

How to Clean Wigs

1. Shampoo these ladies wigs regularly. This keeps them clean and in good condition. These ladies wigs and other wigs in general should be shampooed at least every 10 to 14 days.

But if you use these womens wigs in places where they will be prone to accumulate dirt, wash them more often.

However, if you happen to be in places with fumes or cigarette smoke, wash them immediately after use because the smell tends to cling on the wig.

2. Always use the right product. Wig shampoos are usually available in local stores or salon. But if unavailable, use mild baby shampoo. Apply at least one tablespoon of shampoo.

3. Brush the wigs for black women regularly. Gently brush the ladies wigs and other women's wigs, but it is advisable to use a brush with widely spaced bristles.

4. Use cool water to rinse. Rather than washing the wigs in a basin, let the water flow on the wig instead. Make sure all the shampoo is washed out.

5. Use a soft towel. Just blot the water from the wigs. Never try to wring the wig because this will cause tangling.

6. Dry the wigs. Place them over something where they are held up, like a vase or bottle. Don’t dry these wigs for black women on direct sunlight.

7. Gently brush the ladies wigs when they are completely dry.