Using a Wig Stand to Make
Your Wigs Last Longer

A wig stand to help your investment stay beautiful. Wearing a wig may be easy enough to do, but keeping it looking as good as when you first bought it is a different story altogether.

When you buy a wig, one of the things you need purchase along with it is a wig stand. A stand wig is needed to help keep your wig in the shape it is supposed to be in.

There are a number of designs for you to choose from when it comes to a stand for your wig, and these different styles come with their pros and cons.

Different Kinds of Stands for Your Wig

Before you purchase a stand for your wig, whether this is for an accessory wig or for a wig that you use every day to cover your thinning hair, you will need to check and see if these stands you see fit your needs.

Note! Other than keeping your wigs in its proper form and shape, a wig stand will definitely help it last longer for you to use and enjoy more.

There are a few different stand types for you to choose from, and you might want to check these all out before you make your purchase.

  • Portable or Travel Wig Stands – These are the kinds of stands that can be taken apart or folded conveniently flat to fit easily in a suitcase.

    This kind of a stand wig can be used with an accessory wig and with your daily-use wig when you are on the road.

    A portable stand is also an ideal tool for drying your wigs with since these allow air to easily circulate around and through your hair piece due to the wire-like assembly and designs these come in.
  • Polystyrene Stands – A stand made with polystyrene is lightweight and can be used for both an accessory wig and your daily-use wig.

    Sometimes, since these stands are lightweight, you can pin or clamp hair pieces onto these. 

You can also use this kind of a wig stand to style or fix your accessory wig before storage or before wearing.

  • Mannequin Head Stands – These stypes are shaped just like a person’s head and actually have a painted face, lashes, and features on them.

    These are shaped like polystyrene stands but are heavier.

    You can place an accessory wig or your daily-use wig on this for storage and styling purposes, but since these do not allow air to flow freely through it, you should not use these for drying your wigs with.

Why Put Your Wigs on Stands

When you have a wig, you should know that having a stand wig is necessary to help keep the wig in the kind of shape that it should be in.

Keeping a wig in a plastic bag in your drawer or hanging it over a hanger in your closet will warp and deform the wig.

Hanging it over your bedpost will also deform your wig since bedposts do not have the right shape and size for keeping wigs in proper shape.

Whether the wig you have is an accessory wig that you use for costume and cosplay events or as a wig that you use daily, you should take care to keep it in the shape it should be in by using a wig stand to hold it when not in use.

What You Can Do with Your Wigs on Wig Stands

You can comb, brush, style, and fix your wigs easily on these stands, and you can store them in your cabinets on these stands as well since these are small enough to easily fit into your clothes cabinets.

You can also use these stands to display your collection of wigs if you have a lot of them, and you can place these on a side table or on your dresser.

These stands can easily stand alone since these all come with secure and sturdy bases that can stand easily on flat surfaces.

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