Wig Shampoo, Maintaining Your Wig’s Luster by Using the Right Shampoo

Why use wig shampoo. To ensure a longer life span for your accessory wig, especially if they are expensive ones, the crucial thing that you must know is how to care, clean, and wash them.

By knowing the right products to use like wig cleanser, conditioner, and frizz serums, maintaining its integrity would not be that hard. When you buy an accessory wig, care tips are usually detailed in their packages.

Experts also recommend the ideal wig shampoo to use. But it isn't crucial if you find an alternative solution for your favorite wig.

By simply following their instructions you can be sure that your wigs are in good hands and will last you long for you to enjoy them.  

Essential Products for
Those Wearing an Accessory Wig

  • Wig Shampoo: This is very basic, clearly an important product in maintaining your wigs. Wig shops have specially formulated shampoos exclusively made for their wigs.

    In cases when these are not available from your wig shop, you can use those shampoos that are intended for dry and frizzy hair.

  • Conditioner: This is used to maintain the softness of the hair material used for the accessory wig, may it be synthetic or natural.

    Apply just enough amount of conditioner, depending on the length. When you use more conditioner than necessary, it gives an oily and sticky appearance on the wig so be conscious of the amount you apply.

  • Anti-Frizz Serum: This is ideally applied when your accessory wig is still damp or just after you have rinsed it from shampoo wig.

    This ensures that the serum will be absorbed by the hair. This maintains the luster and minimizes the frizz and crimp on the wig.

    Same as when using the conditioner, be conscious of the amount you apply. Ample dabs in the wig will do.

  • Scalp and Hair Protectant: If you are using adhesives to put on the accessory wig, especially adhesive solutions, it would be wise to use a scalp and hair protectant prior to the application of adhesives.

    This minimizes discomfort and damage in the event of removing the wig. This also ensures that your accessory wig stays in place because it prevents skin oils from disrupting the integrity of your adhesive.

  • Adhesive Remover: A wig shampoo is not formulated to remove adhesives, so dabbing adhesive remover on the wig, scalp, and hair removes the residue. This is applied prior to washing it with wig shampoo.

Alternative Solutions for Wig Shampoo

  • Dish Soap: Preferably those that are in liquid form.

    Fill the basin with water and add drops of dish soap and submerge the wig and squeeze the soapy water through the wig.

    Avoid rough scrunching. When all the dirt and makeup is removed, replace the soapy water with cold water and rinse the wig.

    Rinse the wig thoroughly. Repeat rinsing until the water is clear and free of soapy bubbles.

  • Baby Shampoo: In case shampoo wig is not available, you can use your baby’s shampoo.

    These are formulated with gentle ingredients that will prevent damaging your wig. Don’t apply it directly. Mix it with cold water in a small basin then submerge the wig.

    Then replace it with cold water and swish until the shampoo residue is removed. Scrunching is highly discouraged to avoid tangling.

  • Baking Soda: This is ideal if your wig was exposed or used in places with smoke and other pungent odors that may stick to it.

    Fill the basin with at least 3 quarts of water then add ¼ cup of baking soda. Make sure that you read the cleaning instructions for your wig, as these are only suggested as a home remedy.

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