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Wig Pro wigs are the Katherine Hepburn of wig styles! Why? It is because Wig Pro offers the classic feel of Katherine Hepburn era mixed with generous portions of the Lara Croft sensuality.

You can well imagine what you get when you mix two extremes – something absolutely ravishing!

Drop dead gorgeous!

Yes! Wig Pro wigs have been crafted to such perfection that it will not only make you look gorgeous but also bring out the true beauty from within you.

Each of the wig styles offered by Wig Pro has drops of sensibility and sensuality bond together with fine threads of slick chic attractiveness.

Attraction Quotient of Wig Pro Wigs

The laws of attraction are inevitably evident when you wear these.

These wigs are not just about style, they are about re-inventing; about being one with your inner self; being comfortable and alluring.

Some of the wig styles exude simplicity in its truest form and that is exactly what enhances the attraction quotient and captures imagination of even the most serendipitous!

There are several different styles offered by Wig Pro and each style comes with an attraction quotient that only wearer can feel.

One of the most popular hair wig style offered by Wig Pro is “Christina”. It has a simple and calm feel to it – a feel that promises heaven on earth!

Christina was even voted the best hair wig style in 2008, 2009, and 2011. Made from human hair, it is available in 42 different colors and has an approximate length of 24 inches.

The salient aspect of Christina is that it flows down your shoulder effortlessly and ends with dancing curls that simply oozes simplicity.

A WigsExpert Tip #1 – These wigs have several different styles to offer but their hottest wigs are in the long length category. 
Available in several colors, collection of hair wigs by Wig Pro cost between $300 and $1200.

Are these worth the steep price…?

Yes! Wig Pro wigs do have a steep price but that is because most of the hair styles offered by them have been created using 100% natural human hair, which is hard to procure.

Wig Pro wigs are amongst the top contenders in the wig styling industry and their wigs are guaranteed long lasting luster and shine as well as life.

Choosing a Wig Pro wig style?

Wig Pro offers plenty of styles but the hot favorite definitely are the long length hair styles. The simply gorgeous collection of Wig Pro hair wigs can be classified as under:

  • The Grey Collection – Age may make you look older but it can never take away the twinkle in your eye, the seductive smile or the youthful fervor in your heart.

    After all, there is always time for another romance! The Grey collection by Wig Pro has been created for women who want to look beyond their age and simply redefine beauty.

    Some of the top styles in this category include Felicity, M.Nicole, Front Line, Shortie, Pull Thru, Sunny HT, Pony Swing II, and Sweet Top.

    Hair wigs in this category are made from human hair as well as synthetic hair.
Wig Pro Wigs by
  • Human Hair Styles – Hair styles created from human hair are at the core of Wig Pro wig styling and several styles have even been voted amongst the top 10 in the world.

    Some of the popular styles in this category include Alexandra, Adelle, Amber, Fall, Jacquelyn, Christina, Jeanette, Janet, Paige, and Pony Swing.

    You can choose from the subtle and simple long length styles to smoldering hot and chic medium length hair wig styles.

    Most of the long length styles in this category have a scalloped front to offer that evergreen, fresh, and simply drop dead gorgeous look and feel to the wearer.
  • Pony Tails – If you are in love with Pony tails then this is a category that will amaze you.

    There are only four wig styles available but they are simply outstanding not only because of the pony tail styles but also because they can be worn at almost any occasion.

    The four styles include Pony Curl II, Pony Swing HH, Pony Swing II, and Sweet Top. These pony tails are available as synthetic hair hairpieces and cost around $50.

WigsExpert Tip#2 – If you are planning to buy Wig Pro wigs for the next big event in your life then first determine the size of your scalp. 
They offer wigs for all three scalp sizes that is petite, average, and large. 
Determining your scalp size will ensure that you end up picking a style that matches your personality and enhances it further.

Wigs Pro wigs are all about blending the simplicity in you with the simplicity around you!
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