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Wig making who is it for? If you are fond of wearing a costume wig on parties and even on ordinary days, chances are that you have an array of wigs waiting for you to wear on different occasions and holiday events.

Although you can readily purchase any wig of your choice, you can really save a lot if you would learn the art of making your own. You also get what you really want and need.

Aside from the savings, you also get to exercise your creativity plus you will get the exact wig that you have always wanted to have but couldn’t seem to find on commercial stores.

Note! Commercially made costume wig may be satisfactory, but nothing beats an item that you personally made.

It would not only make you feel satisfied, it would also make you feel proud to wear something that you personally made and the wig you made will have an added value because of its personal touch.

And if you can devote time for wig making, you can even earn extra cash for your skills and creativity.

Wig Making; How to Make a Wig

Making your own wig may sound difficult but in reality, making a wig is so simple that anyone can actually do it.

There are several types of wigs. If you are a beginner, you can practice your craft by making a wig for everyday use or even a costume wig.

There are specific wigs for theater and film purposes, but they are done more critically and should be handled by somebody who is an expert on wig making.

The first thing you should do is lay down all your supplies on a table then proceed with the following steps:

1. The first step in making wig is taking the measurement of the circumference of your head with a tape measure to make a toupee.

Get a wig block and transfer the measurement to the block. Based on the measurement, nail the ribbons to the wig block.

2. Place a wet cotton lace over the wig block. Shape it to your desired fit to complete your wig foundation. You can sew the foundation with a machine or by hand.

Try the wig foundation on to ensure that it fits perfectly on you. It is in this step where adjustments should be made since it would already be difficult to adjust the size and fit if done in the later steps.

3. Decide how you want your costume wig or everyday wig to appear such as the color, thickness, length, and the style of hair.

You can use human hair, animal hair, synthetic material, or a combination of these materials. Before attaching the hair into the wig foundation, wash or clean the hair thoroughly but gently, then place the hair between two drawing mats.

4. The next step in making wig is the preparation of the ventilating needle to determine how much hair you will include in a knot. Ventilating starts at the neck area.

Fold the hair to the root end to make a loop then take the needle through the lace. Take some strands of hair and pull it back through the lace. Pull the hair tight to produce single or double strong knots. Pull all the hair through the loop until the knot is completed.

5. Make double knots on the sides of your costume wig while single knots on the lace part. To make your wig making a success, make the root end short to keep your wig from appearing too thick.

 6. To finish your wig making, turn your costume wig inside out and cut all the loose ends for the final cut.

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