Dress Up Like a Vampire with the
Vampiress Wig

Why choose a vampiress wig? Vampires have been entirely part of the fascinating world of literature and folklore.

They are all around—in books, movies, television, and other media more than ever. You can even dress up as female vampire in your Halloween party any way you want to.

And this can a fun and creative way to style yourself into a different look. So why not be a woman vampire and scare everyone out of their wits on Halloween?

However, this kind of costume requires a costume wig, to pull off an effective look.
Hence, to come up with a very convincing costume, here are some pointers to consider.

Got Your Vampiress Wig?
Now Choose Your Outfit

Vamp Wig Black Adult

Along with your hair piece, you have to carefully choose your outfit as this is one of the criteria to a successful get-up including your costume wig.

Traditional vampire costumes normally require a long dress freely flowing from your body that can come in black satin or deep red fabric.

When you choose your vampire dress, make sure that the Gothic look would be emphasized with the use of black lace layered on the top.

In some cases, you can go along with modern shades of moody colors. Leather boots or a black trench coat or mini dress also makes a great get-up for that rocking vampire woman outfit.

Fix Your Hair

Of course, for your hairdo, you can always buy a vampiress wig to complete your look.

There are a lot of costume wig available in your local novelty store or through the Internet that you can purchase from.

Vampires can definitely have any hair color so you are free to choose the color of your wig but black is generally recommended.

Vampire Adult Wig

And to make it more sinister, you can add a touch of white or gray hair streaks.

Put Your Makeup On

After you have finally settled on your vampiress wig, applying your makeup is the next thing to think about.

Along with your costume wig, you have to choose a makeup that will make you totally stand out as a dashing and alluring vampire woman.

When listed here; the  Graftobian Vampire Makeup Kit was priced at $17.99

Since vampire women are perceived to be undead, they are supposed to look white and lifeless. Hence, you need to make your look really pale.

To achieve this, you can actually use a cream or liquid foundation that is much more lighter that natural skin tone.

Your jet-black wig can enhance your pale complexion. In order to blend the makeup into your skin, you can use a sponge to even out the foundation in your face and neck.

Moreover, apply a bluish gray shade for your eye shadow. You can also put this shade on your cheekbones to emphasize your hollow form.

Along with smudgy eyeliner, mascara, dark eyes, and vampiress wig, you can even pass for a real vampire woman.

To further add to the sinister look, choose a purple lipstick that would make your lips lifeless and blood-drain. Or you can match up your costume wig with a scarlet red lipstick to draw attention.

Accessorize Your Vampire Costume

Now, the next step besides your costume wig is figuring out what accessories to wear for your great vampire seductress look.

You can purchase a necklace or bracelet that has weird design to accentuate your Gothic look.

Paint a red or black nail polish on your fingernails to match the vampire getup.

Once everything is set for you, you can now spread the vampire woman terror in your Halloween party, and your next victim will just come right before you to adore your look.

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