Proper Use of Toupee Tape
to Keep Your Wig in Place

A toupee requires that you use toupee tape to secure it to your scalp or head, while a wig, whether it be a wig to cover a bald head or an accessory wig, does not really need the tape or wig tape to keep it in place.

Using a toupee is not exactly like using a wig. While both function the same way, with both being used to cover areas of a person’s head with real or synthetic hair, they are actually worn and used differently from each other. 

A toupee is like an accessory wig in a lot of aspects though, since it requires the same kind of care and cleaning that an accessory wig gets.

These are just too small to sit securely on your head without falling off if they are not used with a certain type of adhesion agent.

Why Use Toupee Tape (Wig Tape)

The reason why people who wear toupees use the specialty tape with these hair substitutes is because these do not really cover the entire head with hair.

A toupee, unlike an accessory wig, is a hairpiece that is made to look like part of the person’s real hair and is worn to cover bald spots and thinning spots of hair on the wearer’s head.

The use of a toupee is to make a person appear that they still have all their hair intact even when they actually have an area on their head with thinning hair.

This means that since these do not really cover the entire head like an accessory wig or a daily-use wig, a person will need to use something to make this hairpiece adhere to the area on the head it is being used on.

This is why toupee tape is needed with toupees and not with an accessory wig.

How to Properly Use the Tape

For your toupee to sit properly on your head and to help make your toupee look like it is part of your real hair, you will need to know how to properly use toupee tape.

Here are the steps you need to use in order for you to use your specialty tape properly on your hairpiece:

  • You need to start with a clean skull cap on your toupee. Remove any old tape that might be left on it and remove any stray hair that may be sitting on your toupee’s skull cap.

  • Put your toupee on a flat surface with the hair side down and the skull cap side up. Brush the hair away from the skull cap and its edges as well.
  • Cut your toupee tape in small pieces and start laying them down along the edges of your toupee’s skull cap. Make sure you stay within the borders of the skull cap and not have the tape touch any of the hair on the outer edge of this cap.

  • Once you have covered the entire outer area of the skull cap, fill in the middle part of the toupee with more toupee tape cut in small pieces as well.

After filling your toupee skull cap with the specialty tape, remove the protective waxy cover on the exposed side of the tape, place hairpiece on your head and press into place.

Choosing the Right Wig Tape

Toupee tape can come in many different variants and colors, which indicate their adhesion strength.

White is oftentimes the weakest of these tapes and is used to make your toupee stick to your head for a maximum of 24 hours.

Yellow and red tapes are stronger and can last days, even weeks, once used. Choose the right kind of wig tape for your toupee usage.

If you are planning on using only one kind of toupee for a few days and are not planning on washing your hair during this time, a stronger tape, like the red-colored tape, should be used.

If you are going to use a different toupee the following day however, it might be best for you to use white or yellow tape on your toupee.

Note! Keep your toupee in place with the help of an appropriate toupee tape. Then you don’t have to worry about doing strenuous activities that might put your hairpiece off its proper place.

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