Theatrical Wig: Get the Most Out of It

A theatrical wig, who are they for? The art of wearing wigs has always been part of theatrical shows and plays and even in movies.

It gives identity to those who are wearing it. And for those who want to portray a role or impersonate someone, a wig designed for the theater will always give them more resemblance to the character.

This costume wig has also been a mainstay in parties—may it be for the old or the young. There is just so much that this wig can do.

Where to Get Your Theater Quality Wigs?

Online: Your costume wig is highly available through online shops.

With just a rundown of clicking and browsing, you will be taken to websites that will give you thousands of wigs to choose from.

Some online shops can even customize the theater wigs according to the customer’s choice.

This is a more convenient way of choosing and buying since they present pictures of the wigs that they sell.

The downside however is that you are not sure how good it will look on you.

And these online shops usually have the “no return, no exchange” policy for wigs so you have to be sure that one you have ordered will fit you and answer your needs.

Ebay is always a good place to start, however, if you have the time to wait. Take a look at your local newspaper, for theater closure, or local auction houses. You will be amazed at what is stocked due to repossession orders.

Costume Shops: There are specialized stores in the metro that focuses on selling costume wigs and accessories.

If you have the time and patience to scout for them, then go ahead.

The good thing about buying a theatrical wig directly from the store is that you are able to see the goods first hand and check for any damages.

Design and make your own

You can also try them yourself to see if it looks good on you and if that is the exact wig that you are looking for.

Some shops offer alterations in case that you would want to tweak, add, or change anything about the wig.

Note! Perform better your role with the use of the best-fitting theatrical wig. This costume wig comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles

What to Consider in Buying a Theatrical Wig

What character are you portraying? Your role dictates the costume that you will be wearing, and that includes your theatrical wig.

It would be easier for you to choose what particular costume wig to buy if you perfectly know what you are going to wear it for.

  • The audience can easily distinguish a certain character even just by the mere sight of the hair or wig in that case.

    Long blonde curls will make you look like Taylor Swift, while black shiny toupee with sideburns can make you Elvis Presley.

  • The type of material used for the wig. There are two major types of wigs—the real human hair and the synthetic one.

    Obviously, the human hair looks more real compared to the other. Try to decide what material you would like for your wig.

    Costume wigs are mostly made of synthetic materials because they come in bizarre styles and colors.

  • How long will you be using the wig? For instance you are wearing the wig for a theatrical show that will be toured around the city, then choose the human hair.

    It has been observed that this type of wig lasts longer and is easier to wash minus the tangling hassle.

    But of course, regardless if it is synthetic or not, the way the owners care for their costume wigs make a lot of difference.

    Some shops provide wig shampoos that are specially formulated and used exclusively for washing this theatrical wig.

  • How much are you willing to spend? A theatrical wig that is made of human hair is quite more expensive than the synthetic ones.

    The quality of the material alone is a reason enough for it to be pricier.

    The Remy hair, a variety of the human hair wig, is the most expensive variant because it is made from virgin hair that has been untouched by any chemical.

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