Don't Look Naughty with a Santa Beard

Who wears a Santa beard? Some call it the bank robber look because it looks much like the patented beard worn by many thieves.

On the other hand, some people look at them as fashion standards mainly because not all people can have them.

But perhaps, it is because of the association with Santa Claus that made it more popular.

What else could it be but the facial hair! What would Santa be without his trademark beard?

Economy Santa Beard Wig Set Adult

Luckily, one doesn't have to be Santa Claus just to wear this special type of wig.

Thanks to costume wig, every man or woman who loves Santa will now have the chance to look much like the figure known for his unfathomable kindness and overflowing gifts.

What Is a Santa Beard?

Well it  is named after Santa Claus. Popular as this figurehead of Christmas is, there is nothing more easily recognizable about him than his trademark beard.

White, curly, and running up to his chest, this is perhaps the most famous beard in the world and the only one that does not scare children when they see it.

Short White Beard and Moustache Adult
Deluxe Santa Wig  Beard and Eyebrows Set

Oftentimes, the beard is sold alongside costume wig and other implements.

In this particular example, because the person is trying to imitate Santa Claus, the package comes with red outfits for both the upper body and for the legs as well as a large red rucksack for containing gifts.

Different Styles of Santa Beard

Astonishing as it may sound, there are actually different designs, and other costume wig designed to imitate the one worn by Santa.

Out of necessity and in keeping step with the sense of fashion and style today, costume wig including the beard made famous by Santa are available in various styles.

Santa Deluxe Wig Beard

Some of these styles include the following:

  • The most common style of this beard is the Santa trademark. It is about 10 inches in length, curly, and white.

    The base is a lot thicker than the end. Overall, the beard gives the appearance of a letter "V."

  • According to some fashion pundits for the more organized men, the best design of Santa are those that are short, trimmed, and straight.
  • Some Santa-inspired beard may bear little resemblance to Santa Claus. Instead, they are patterned after those funny Mexican puppets with the end of the beard curled upwards.

  • No matter how the Santa costume beard is designed, the most common element is that they are all white and often come with other costume wig to give one that clear Santa look. 

The beard is accompanied by a mustache and even white hair to boot.

How Much the Santa Beard Costs

Toddler Santa Beard Hat Child Santa Wig and Beard
Straight Santa Wig and Beard Jack Santa Hat w/ Beard

Just like costume wig, Santa beard are usually sold in a set, though some dealer may sell individual beard set alone without the other implements.

The most expensive set often go for about a hundred dollars. This type of beard is the longest in the lot, about a foot in length and curly.

On the other hand, the cheaper ones go for less than ten dollars. These beards are rather short and straight.   

The problem with costume wigs especially those for the face is that there is nothing that can be said as the equivalent of the real human hair variant in wigs.

As such, the Santa beard is often made from lace from very fine strips of nylon.

These two materials are chosen because they are very light and look elegant especially when clean. 

Grinch Hat with Fur Beard Santa Claus Wig and Beard Set

The main challenge with them is that cleaning can be difficult. Using the washing machine is not recommended.

The only conceivable way of properly cleaning them is through dry cleaning or wiping the dirt off from them with a clean cloth.

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