Show off in Style with Revlon Wigs

You get Revlon wigs, when you mix classic style with contemporary looks.

Voted in the top 40 looks of the year, Revlon short wigs were chosen as the clear winner. 
With 9 new looks launched in spring 2011, Revlon styles seems to be just about everywhere. Many more collections now added.

The Revlon Wigs Touch!

A world leader in color cosmetics, skincare, hair care, beauty care, and age defying products;

Revlon is out to make a bold statement with their winning wig of 2011 – Nirvana!

Yes, this is the wig that caused uproar in the fashion industry in 2008 and since then every year, Revlon have been making waves. 

So what is the one salient aspect of Revlon hair wigs? They are simply gorgeous!

Revlon Style Rulz…!

Did you hear the fashion experts whisper?

They say, "Revlon wigs are awe inspiring".

That is not because these wigs are made using the best quality synthetic or natural human hair but because they will always bring out the best in you!

One of the most popular and upbeat style collections by Revlon is their platinum chic collection.

Why? This collection of Revlon Hair Wigs has been created specifically to cater to mature and older women. 
Corporate Vice Presidents, Senators, Senior Activists and much more – there is always a woman leader out there and platinum chic collection is an ode to these powerful women. 

Revlon wigs in this collection are available under 7 categories, which are Nice Touch, Power, Ultimate, Thyme, Exuberance, Proud, and Peace.

The platinum collection of Revlon hair wigs says it all – there is no age for style and elegance!

A WigsExpert Tip #1
– Revlon platinum chic collection wigs are one of the best in the world and you can choose from 114 different and vibrant colors. 
All the wig styles in this collection are short length and cost between $30 and $99.

Can I afford a Revlon…?

Revlon wigs are considered as one of the best in the world when it comes to quality as well as price.

Most Revlon hair wigs whether they are from the grey collection or the ponytail collection will carry a price tag varying from $100 to $300. 

The price of hair wigs depends on several factors like:
the material used for making the wig (human hair, synthetic hair),
the type of cap construction (monofilament, lace front or capless), the size (petite or large),
the length of the wig (short, medium or long),
and the hair texture (straight, curls, or waves). 

These wigs are not just stylish but completely affordable as well.

Short or Long?

Each Revlon wig has its own personality, which is why each wig looks different and tempting.

Revlon hair wigs are not only high on the style quotient but also on the personality enhancement quotient as well.

Most of the hottest collections of Revlon wigs are classified under the following three lengths:

  • Short length – This is the in-style length because it is chic and elegant at the same time.

    Short length consists of both straight and curly hair styles and is available in 15-30 different colors.

    You can choose from boycut style to razored edges, tapered napes, spiked styles, spiral curls, and layered bob styles.

    Some of the top Revlon hair wigs in short length include Wonder, Foxy, Vision, Bravo, Aries, Flourish, Impeccable, Legacy, and Nuance.

    The hot platinum chic collection is also available only in short length.

  • Medium length – This category consists of evergreen styles by Revlon that never seem to fade out.

    You can choose from a variety of elegant and gorgeous styles like the classic cut with layers, the flaired edges, face framing layers, and the straight razored bob.

    Some of the top Revlon wigs in medium length include Romance (a winner in 2009 and 10), Nirvana (a winner in 2010 and 11), Touching, short shag comb, Scorpio, Midnight, Helene, and Moonlight

  • Long length – Revlon long length wigs have been etched into the sands of time as the most beautiful collection of wigs.

    You can choose from long razored layers to straight locks, luxurious curls, long and seductive, wavy locks, and curly layers among others.

    Some of the top Revlon hair wigs in long length include Celine, Dominique, Fantasia, Lana LF, Layer Comb, Sagittarius, Soiree, and Vivienne.

WigsExpert Tip#2
– Whether you opt for a short length or long length, Revlon hair wigs offer wigs in a variety of colors, style, cuts, tapers, size, and cap construction. 
It always helps to check your size and shape of face before you choose a wig.

Revlon wigs are entities in their own right and this is what makes these wigs so special.

Their classic mix of contemporary, seductive, simple, and jazziness, adds sassiness to all their wig styles and this is something that will bring out the real woman in you!
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