Rene of Paris Wigs
Give Fashion a Twist

Rene of Paris is when real beauty meets the human eye, it enthralls, captivates, and leaves a lasting impression.

That’s exactly what this range can do to your personality – make it charming and bewitching!

The Parisian Charm

Hair styling experts swear by Rene; ramp models wearing hair wigs from Rene-of-Paris light the stage with fire of seductiveness; and fashion photographers queue to take one real good headshot – all this for a wig?

Rene of Paris wigs are no ordinary wigs; they are the best in their class!

The "P" in Rene-of-Paris!

Wondering what the "P" in Rene-of-Paris stands for? It stands for Perfection and this is one area where Rene-of-Paris wigs take away the crown.

In fact, some of the Rene-of-Paris wigs have been nominated amongst the best in the world.

Cameron and Bailey are two styles offered by Rene that has been in the limelight through 2011 after being named as the best styles in medium wigs.Rene offers three distinctive collections of wigs

– the hi-style collection for those who want to remain in the limelight forever;

-the Noriko collection for those who are looking to make a subtle but lasting impression;

and the Amore designer series for those who want to experience the magic of colors and styles.

Each of the wigs in these categories by Rene have a personality of their own and when you wear them – they become one with your personality and make you stand out of the crowd.

A WigsExpert Tip #1 – The most popular styles in Rene of Paris wigs are available in short length averaging a fringe of 6.5" and a nape of 4.5".
Most of the short hair style wigs are available within a range of $100 to $160.

Rene of Paris oozes style!

Rene wigs have been created keeping in mind the changing world of fashion and the stylish nature of hair seductiveness.

This is the reason why Rene has introduced their Hi fashion collection, which offers some of the best styles that money can buy.

If you are looking for a short and sultry style then Gia, Cruz, Cameron, Audrey, Coco, Dawn, Emma, Jamie, Jana, Joey, and Lizzy are the best choice as they can light a fire even in the coldest hearts.

If you are looking for something in medium length then Rianna, Shannon, Sierra, and their winning style "Bailey" will definitely take your breath away!

If you thought Rene of Paris offers only short styles then check out Ashley, La Mode, Misha, and Felicity in the range of long hair wigs.

Wigsexpert Tip#2 – All wig styles offered by Rene-of-Paris are of average size and can be classified under straight and curvy hair textures.
They offer more styles in straight wigs than in curves.

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Amore Series from Rene

This one is straight from the heart and has been created for those who want a little more of love and attention.

The Amore designer series by Rene offers truly classic designs that exude oomph and elegance.

Most styles in the Amore designer series can be classified under three categories based on length:

  • Short length – This is the style to die for!
    Most short length wig styles in the designer series bring out different aspects of a woman’s persona like a boyish look, the evergreen brat look, the gothic look, the Nordic look, and the rockstar-rebel look.

    Some of the popular styles in short length include Tova, Charli, Ruby, Bella - their winning style of, Alyssa, Dixie (perfect for women over 40), Connie, and Rosie.

  • Medium length – The medium length hair wigs in the Amore designer series are more than just wigs – they are subtle style statements.

    Some of the popular styles in medium length include Samantha (one of the most enticing styles), Victoria (an absolute classic), Hollie (the frills are real attention grabbers), Summer, Codi, Erin, and Regan.

  • Long length – The long lengths in the Amore designer series are a revelation and these styles have catapulted Rene of Paris to the top spot in styles.

    Each style in the long length category has its own personality and highlights the essence of being a woman!

    Some of the really hot styles in long length include Brittany, Kelli, Brandi, Kendall, Miranda, and Stevie.

Each Rene wig style is available in several enticing colors from the icy golden blonde to the more warm maple sugar.

Rene-of-Paris wigs have so much personality that you can be a different person each day!
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