Six Possible Uses of a Pubic Wig aka Merkin

The idea of wearing a pubic wig, or a Merkin as some people used to call it, may sound funny because conventionally, female wigs are worn on the head and not on other parts of the body.

But the truth is that a pubic artificial hair has several important uses. Whether for artistic purposes or for pleasure, you can count on ladies wigs on the pubis to deliver their intended functions.

For those who are not too familiar that some women’s wigs can also be placed on other areas of the body aside from the head, a Merkin is an artificial hair attached on the pubis and is usually made out of human hair, yak belly, or other synthetic materials such as nylon.

Originally, a pubic wig was used to hide the effects of syphilis or gonorrheal infection on women’s pubic area.

But nowadays, the use of female wigs has widened and has become acceptable with no more stigmas attached to it.
The preferred design of a Merkin is attached to a transparent mesh and is attached on a shaved pubic area through the use of a spirit gum.

Functions of a Pubic Wig

There are different uses of Merkins. Here are 6 widely known reason why people use wigs for the pubis.

1. Sexual stimulation. Some women use a pubic artificial hair to stimulate their partner prior to sexual intercourse.

These days, ladies wigs are already made inventively to rouse sexual appetite.

When in the past Merkins were made out of a simple hair, nowadays, available pubic wigs are available in different designs and colors.

Some have even psychedelic lights to make sexual encounters even more exciting.

2. Fetish satisfaction. Some people just get sexually aroused and even achieve sexual gratification by mere touching the subject of his fetish.
Since merkins are made of fine fibers or human hair, touching it or getting close contact with it can enhance sensory experience.

3. Artistic purposes. For movies that has scenes that require nudity or private part exposure, a pubic wig is often used to meet the regulatory standards of censorship.
The use of wigs in private body areas would inhibit actors and actresses from performing full frontal nudity and would also protect them from any form of sexual harassment or unwanted genital contact with other actors or actresses they are making scenes with.

4. Fashion statement. Female wigs have also penetrated the fashion industry. When the use of pubic artificial hair in the past was associated with strip teasers and nightclub dancers, all these negative notions were changed when top models ramped down the fashion runway with nothing but their pubic artificial hair on.
The use of wig on the pubis has become even more acceptable especially when the pubic hair were designed by famous designers such as Gianni Versace.

5. Perfect props for drag queens. A pubic artificial hair, since it has been publicly used and has become widely accepted, has become a drag queen’s best friend Using a wig on the pubis would cover the wearer or the drag queen's manhood.
To make wigs for the pubis more attractive and decent looking instead of portraying lewdness, various designs were created by drag queens.
As an alternative to the usual plain black mound of hair on the pubis, drag queens made designs such as sunflower, heart, velvety hair like that of a troll, leaves, and other wholesome figures.

6. Body decoration or costume. Another usual purpose of a pubic wig is to decorate the body or accentuate the genitals on special occasions or parties without appearing cheap or vulgar.

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