Style Your Way with Pink Wig

Who could wear a pink wig? Aside from using wigs out of necessity, wigs nowadays are becoming more popular due to fashion purposes, heightened even more by celebrities who wear colored wigs during media exposures, videos, and concerts.

Wigs are widely used nowadays that becoming bald and styling your hair is no longer a problem. Because of its popularity and demand, wigs are continually developed to make them appear more natural, bouncy, light, and easy to use.

Know Your Wigs

Wigs are processed hair, made from human hair, or from animals specifically horse hair and are made to provide artificial hair for people.

There are also synthetic wigs made of synthetic materials and are also called monofilament wigs. Wigs are developed by professional hair technicians who specialize in making color wigs ranging from black, green, yellow, black, purple wigs, and so on.

The History of Wigs

The history of wigs has always been a part of cultured civilizations and is popular among Romans and Egyptians.

Wigs used to be worn for special and formal occasions such as court hearings and state appearances, theater presentations, and to hide hair conditions such as baldness. 

During the early twentieth century and even up to the earlier present time, wigs were used as a last recourse to thinning and vanished hair.

If there were other choices, people would opt not to wear wigs because of its poor quality and evident falseness.

But with today’s advanced way of living, more and more people are wearing wigs not out of necessity but because of the fashion sense it can give especially when wearing color wigs

Note! Wearing color wigs like purple wigs, pink wig, and even yellow wigs projects an air of confidence, individuality, and even an eye-catching style

Play Dress-Up with Pink Color Wig

Costume parties are very popular in high school and even in college. If you want to make an awe-inspiring impression, dress up using color wigs with outrageous yet fashionable hues.

You can search through the Internet for inspiration or you can visit your local fashion store for color wigs like pink color wigs or purple wigs.

Preparing Your Head for a Pink Wig

The good thing about color wigs is that you do not have to cut your hair to achieve your dream hairstyle.

You can keep your hair while expressing your individuality or while portraying the role given to you on particular theater and arts projects.

Another positive side of wearing pink wig or purple wigs is that you will save yourself from the possible hazards or hair coloring or hairstyling.

To apply pink color wigs, a foundation made of net or other material is needed. Depending on the style, some part of the wig may need to be trimmed and supported with galloon or a narrow ribbon. 

On areas where the natural is revealed, a flesh-colored fabric or silk is applied to falsify scalp or skin area. To make the wig fit perfectly, materials such as elastic bands, invisible hair clips, and small bones are inserted.

When wearing a wig, one of the objectives is to make it appear as natural as possible. To achieve this, color wigs referred to as “lace front wigs” are worn for theatrical and fine custom appearances.

Hair lace gives the appearance like the hair is coming from the scalp or the skin underneath.

What to Do with Your Hair

After wearing a pink wig or any other color wigs, wet your hair or if possible take a bath to bring back the natural style of your hair.

Prolonged use of wigs can alter the style of your hair. You should also take of your wig every once in a while to allow air to get to your natural hair and avoid possible stale hair smell.

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