Noriko Wigs
The Reincarnation of Style

What is it about Noriko wigs that make them the talk of the town? It’s the fibers! Noriko wigs are known to last for very long.

They are strong and durable and when you add the style quotient to it – you can an explosive result!

Oh! Noriko!

Synthetic Wig by Noriko

Whether you like short, medium, or long wigs, wigs by Noriko offers styles that are classically quintessential or contemporarily suave.

Designs created by Noriko Suzuki are not just respected around the world but also are recognized as innovation at its best.

With subtle blend of layers and cuts, and a pinch of smart colors, Noriko hair wigs have not only created benchmarks in the fashion industry but also in the wig industry.

Modern Women and Noriko Styles!

There is a word around but no one is really sure whether these accessories were created for modern women or is it that modern women have made wigs by Noriko their signature hair wig.

Either way, wigs from Noriko are here to stay. One of their hottest collections of wig styles is the Noriko gray collection for women who like to make a bold statement.

The gray collection comprises of four wig styles, which are Cory, Drew, Megan, and Pam.

Each of the wigs in this collection is a standout and is available only in short length.

You can choose from the point-cut layers in the Drew style; the classic bob cut Cory hair wig style; the Megan semi-wedge bob hair style with a tapered back; or the most popular short basic Pam style.

If these styles are not enough then wait till you see the entire collection!

A Wigsexpert Tip #1 – The gray collection by Noriko offers some of the best short wig styles in as many as 30 different colors and the price tag varies from $130 to $170. These styles might be a little expensive as compared to other brands but then the quality they offer is way ahead of most top brands.

Which is my style?

When it comes to this brand, there is a possibility that you might fall in love with more than one style.

Noriko wig styles can be categorized under short, medium, and long and then sub-classified under straight or curly.

Noriko offers some gorgeous curves and waves to complement their smooth and silky straights!    

Milan (Rooted Colors) (Champagne)

Some of the hottest collections of wigs by Noriko are classified under the following two types of hair textures:

Straight – This is the evergreen and everlasting hair texture from Noriko. Straights from Noriko are never off-style!

In fact, most of the hair wigs in this category have been clear winners in the last couple of years and have been the center of attention.

Clear leaders, the straight Noriko hair wig textures not only ooze confidence but also enhance your overall personality.

One of their hot textures is Angelica, which enhance a fantasy look with the long textured layers complemented by a nice, silky, smooth flow design.

Most of the straight texture Noriko wigs have been created using synthetic hair and are available in several color options including the bold and seductive creamy blond!   

Some of the other top straight hair texture from Noriko includes:

  • Millie: A winner in 2008-2009 and sports short shag cut style
  • Robin: Stunning soft silhouette that glides down the shoulder effortlessly

  • Tia: Short point cut style with spikes and rich texture and a monofilament top
  • Mason: Perfect compliment for rebellious attitude, it consists of mixed layers and beveled ends.

  • Lexy G: Brings out the naughty persona and complements carefree attitude with its randomly flipped ends.
  • May: This is the classic "Princess Diana" kind of look thanks to the feathery swept and soft sides.

Curls – This is the second category of Noriko wig textures and consists of two distinct but really hot and happening styles.

  • Carrie medium length style wig that evokes a seductive feel entwined with dreamy look and is a definite attention catcher.

The other style is Mariah, which exudes simplicity, elegance, and stunning looks.

  • Mariah is a chin length bob cut style that packs a punch with the soft tousled curls.

Wigsexpert Tip#2 – One of the important things to note is that all Noriko wigs are of average size. If you are looking for a larger or smaller size then you can choose a style online and then request for a custom made size.

Noriko wigs are not just stylish hair wigs but they are great companions for memorable occasions and public events.

Who could have thought that a simple wig can highlight the positives of your personality and make you the center of attention but then that’s exactly what Noriko wigs are famous for!

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