Artificially Beautiful Using Natural Wigs

Natural Wigs the best. It has been quite a fad for this generation to use wigs of various sorts, different colors and length, curls and waves.

There are different materials being used to make a wig—some from feathers, horsehair, wool, and even buffalo hair. But with this artificial beauty accessory, everyone wants to look as natural as possible.

So these wigs made of genuine human hair are mostly in demand compared to synthetic ones. And these natural wigs are of course more expensive. The natural look that you get is however worth every single penny.

Wigs for cancer patients have also been a great help, especially those who are undergoing chemotherapy.

One of the effects of chemotherapeutic drugs is alopecia, or the falling and losing of hair, and this greatly affects the self-image and self-esteem of cancer patients, particularly women.

So having these wigs for cancer patients available surely does make a difference for those who have lost her hair from a battle with cancer.

Sources of Natural Wigs

Perhaps one of the most popular and expensive hair used for Natural Wigs is the Remy hair. This is the highest grade of real human hair.

This is because the cuticles of the hair have remained intact. The most common source of this hair are Indian women because the hair of these women have excellent color and texture that can easily be matched to other hair types of various races or nationalities.

Remy hair is categorized into two: the virgin and non-virgin types. And the two main categories have three sub-categories respectively.

The virgin Remy hair is said to be the best hair for extensions and men wigs or women’s wigs. It has been untouched by chemical treatment—perming, colors, or whatever hair treatment.

It is all natural. The non-virgin Remy hair is the chemically treated hair. It has undergone treatment for it to be made into the natural wig specified, like the color treatment for the wig.

The sub-categories for both virgin and non-virgin Remy are single drawn, double drawn, and final grade.

Single drawn is made of different lengths of hair. Double drawn is comprised of hairs ranging from one to two inches long.

And final grade is the sorted double drawn that has same lengths, and this is the most expensive of the three sub-categories. This is the perfect type of hair used for natural men or womens wigs.

Natural hair Wig vs. Synthetic Wig

So how does natural looking wig differ from synthetic men wigs or women’s wigs? Here are some differences that the two have. First of course is the price.

Clearly, natural human wigs are more expensive because of their sources. Next is the natural feel. Since natural looking wigs are made of genuine human hair, it feels more natural when worn, especially when you use it every day. The texture is much better as well.

Third is styling. Natural hair wigs are easier to style and can actually be dyed to a color you prefer.

And natural hair wig doesn’t make your scalp perspire as much as synthetic wigs.

But despite the differences between the two, the most important thing is how you take care of your wigs, may it be natural or synthetic.

Because even if you have the prettiest and most expensive natural hair wig, but you don’t know how to take care of it, then it would turn out to be worse than synthetic.

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