Naomi Sims wigs, Proper Care Tips for Women’s Wigs
(March 30, 1948 – August 1, 2009)

Naomi Sims Wigs are high end, so may need to be purchased from a specialist retailer. Suffering from hair loss can be a very disturbing condition. Whether due to natural causes or because of treatment side effects especially for cancer, hair loss is one condition that has resulted to the growing industry of womens wigs.

Indeed, wigs have become a popular option for people who need them for various uses ranging from chemotherapy to plainly styling their hair.

A wig has also been another alternative for people who choose not to undergo laser surgeries for hair replacement or hair transplant. Wearing a wig is the safer option apart from invasive techniques.

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  • By far, there are two main kinds of wigs available in the market today. General types of wigs are made from two materials namely the real human hair or the more synthetic hair variety.

    These two types of ladies wigs come in a variety of natural colors along with different textures such as the ones available in Naomi Sims wigs.

    These options for female wigs are vast; however, there would still be a need for a stylist to help you pick the right one for you.
  • In particular, Naomi Sims hair wigs and other womens wigs are also available into two synthetic wig categories namely, fashion and designer wigs.

    Fashion Naomi Sims wigs are those made from synthetic hair fiber that can last for longer months with regular use. On the other hand, designer wigs are made of high-quality hair fibers that have a stronger and natural cap. 

This kind of female wigs can stay for up to several years with proper maintenance even with everyday use. Most celebrity wigs have also been made with designer wigs that bring a more natural and stylish fit to the wearer.

  • There are also other types of Naomi Sims hair wigs or celebrity wigs that can be custom fit to adjust to the right fit of a certain scalp or head shape.

    In this way, the wig cap can fit tightly and smoothly on the scalp. These types of Naomi Sims wigs are great choices since they can be finely adjusted to fit your scalp and your hair needs.

  • There are also Naomi Sims wigs that feature full lace ones that can be personalized to fit perfectly into the head. Lace wigs are also convenient to wear since they can last for long periods using adhesives.

Naomi Sims Wigs
Caring for Your Wig


Although Naomi Sims wigs and other ladies wigs are quite expensive than other varieties of wigs, the material can still bring a more natural and regular appearance for the everyday use of women.

Whether these wigs are used to fill hair loss or for style, the material is convenient and smooth to use. However, Naomi Sims hair wigs are just like the other types of wigs that need proper caring. 

Your wig is your investment, hence, maintaining its natural condition is important so that it can last long.

  • When you want to keep your wig clean, it is advisable to use products that are made for the wig’s type of material. There are human hair wigs that are colored, cut, and curled, and can stand other regular styling products.

  • Moreover, you can ensure the long lifespan of your wig by keeping your scalp clean and protecting the wig from oil.

  • Some women have also made sure their scalp is protected by wearing a wig cap under the wig.
  • For human hair wigs, it is important to wash them at least thrice a week.
  • After wearing the wig, it is also recommended to brush through or gently comb through them.

    You can try styling it with curling iron to keep the wig from frizz and flyaway.

    Remember that your women’s wigs or ladies wigs serve as your second hair, replacing your original locks. Thus, giving them proper care is something that should not be taken for granted.

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