Get Back into the 80s with Mullet Wig

The Mullet wig, everyone's favourite. Everyone who lived his or her prime in the 80s was drawn to the fashion statement of wearing mullets.

The mullet hairstyle was the trend that most people would consider as cool and hot.

However, mullet hairstyle and mullet wigs are becoming popular even amidst today’s in and out fashion, and the ever hot pick for costume parties.

  This popular hairstyle in the wigs for men category is making its comeback among modern trendsetters.

If you have not experienced the hip and trendy feeling of the 80s, well, you can have it anytime with the increasing availability and production of mullet men wigs.

They come in various styles and colors that you can choose ranging from short, black, long, curly, and others.

Moreover, this growing demand of the mullet hairstyle has even prompted wig manufacturers to expand from the classic hair types of mullet.

Depending on your taste and preference, there is now the specific type of mullet wigs that would fit your taste.

For instance, some people tend to buy brown mullet for men wigs while blonde for women.

Classic Types of Mullet Wigs

Although there is now a wide range of mullet men wigs to choose from, the classic types of mullet hairstyle wigs for men can be categorized into three main types.

These are the common styles that most people in the 80s used in making themselves very trendy:

  • Trash. The first classic mullet wigs are called the trash mullet. The trash mullet particularly imitates the tradition mullet hairstyle.

    Matted on top along with tapered sides and long straight back, this mullet style is just so

  • Landscaper. On one hand, the mullet style called landscaper is normally dark, thick, and freely styled back. 

The landscaper wig style is styled closer to the ideal mullet hair that is shorter in the both hair sides and the back having long and wavy style.

This mullet style is among the options of wigs for men.

  • Bingo. Now, the bingo mullet hair wigs are great for men who want to be unique and different.

    Styled with a spike on the top hair and tapered on both sides along with sleek straight in the back, the bingo mullet men wig is perfect for those who want to stand out from the rest.

Caring for Your Mullet Hair Wig

Once you have decided on what type of hairstyle you choose for your mullet men wigs, the next thing you will have to worry is how you can maintain its original quality.

Most mullet hair wigs used today are made of synthetic materials that can sometimes be easily damaged by frequent wearing. 

Unlike natural hair and human hair wigs, synthetic mullet wigs are easier to hold and style since they have the pre-set hair style.

Good news! Wigs for men that are made from synthetic material are also convenient because you do not need to worry about the sun’s damage.

Hence, if you want your mullet style wig to last longer than you expect, then it is important to take note of the following tips in maintaining synthetic wigs.

  • First, you will need to have a synthetic wig shampoo specifically made for synthetic wigs. Avoid the regular shampoo when washing your synthetic big hair.

  • Before washing your wig, make sure to brush it very gently to avoid damaging the fibres.

  • Next, get a bowl of cool water and pour a teaspoonful of synthetic wig shampoo and place the wig into the solution for about 1 minute.

  • Remove the wig from the water and carefully squeeze the water that seeped through the wig.

  • The last step is to dry your wig with a towel, and place it on a wig strand to dry naturally.

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