Create Your very Own Mohair Doll Wigs

Why choose a mohair doll wigs. Although there are several types of doll wigs or wigs for kids available in stores, you still wish that you can make your very own doll wig so you can personally style your doll with whatever style you want or any hair style that you deem fit for your mood for the day.

If you are a doll collector, surely you have dreamed about making mohair doll wigs yourself so you no longer have to resort to buying wigs for children in order to style your doll’s hair.

Making wigs for your doll would make you save a few bucks compared to buying a readily available doll wig.

Your creativity would be enhanced and your dolls would be getting wigs that are exactly what you have always wanted.

What You Will Need

Save those child wigs for children who are in need of hair. Come up with your own mohair doll wigs for your favorite doll instead.

To make a perfect wig for your little doll, you will need the following materials:

  • Your doll
  • Mohair
  • Scissors
  • Rubber band
  • Hair dryer
  • Glue
  • Warm water
  • Plastic wrapper
  • A piece of cloth
  • Marker
  • Paint sponge

Steps in Making Mohair Doll Wigs

Now for the steps, you should do the following to come up with quality doll wigs.

1. The first step in replacing wigs for children on your doll’s head is by cutting your doll’s hair as close as possible to its scalp. You just have to be careful not to cut the head.

Otherwise, it would be quite difficult to put on a wig on a damaged doll’s head.

2. Take the head off your doll’s body. Do this in one swift yet clean motion.

You can use a hair dryer and aim it at the dolls neck to soften the material and to make the head removal a lot easier.

3. Remove the remaining hair on the dolls neck using the tip of the scissors or any pointed and thin object.

Loosen all the locks from the dolls neck and cut those loose strands with scissors to prepare for the mohair wigs.

4. After the hair strands are loosened, cover your doll’s head totally with a plastic wrapper down to its neckline or head bottom.

5. Get the piece of cloth and place it over the plastic wrapped on your doll’s head.

Make sure that the cloth is properly and tightly secured on your doll’s head to avoid wrinkling mohair doll wigs. Otherwise, you would go back to using child wigs.

After this, get your marker and mark your desired hairline for your doll’s wig.

6. Get your paint sponge and dip or pour a liberal amount of glue on it then apply it within the hairline you drew from the previous step.

Make sure that the area within your doll’s hairline is thickly covered with glue then allow it to dry over night to come up with a hard cast, which will be the foundation of your doll’s wig.

7. After the hard cast has dried, remove it from the plastic wrapper leaving the wrapper on the doll’s head then cut the excess fabric hanging on the cast.

8. Replace the cast back to the doll’s head over the plastic wrap then glue the mohair to the cast you prepared. Leave it overnight to dry.

9. Take the mohair doll wigs from the plastic wrap and reattach your doll’s head to its body.

After the process, you would be delighted with your doll’s fresh look and you no longer have to get child wigs just to reinvent your doll’s hairstyle.

If you have different aproach and method on how to make your own mohair dolls wig, please click here and share your steps.

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