Men Toupees Wig
A Continuous Progress of Men’s Wigs

Originally, men toupees wigs, as in the case of most wigs for both men and women, were made from synthetic hair-like material.

As a result, these first generation of wigs were difficult to maintain and even more difficult to keep in style.

This in turn led to the development and improvement of wigs for men. Eventually, the wigs of today are made from real human hair.

The hair is culled from barbershops, and sometimes celebrities donate their cut hair for a cause for the production of wigs.

But did this improvement in the quality of men wigs mean a corresponding increase in its cost? Not really.

In fact, although the quality was tremendously improved, the prices have gone down considerably to the point that men toupees wig made from real human hair are much cheaper than those using synthetic hair.

Another factor that helped bring the cost of wigs for men down is the fact that manufacturers today produce the wig all on its own without buying from other sources any of the material for the wig.

What Is Toupee Wig?

In some corners of human learning, the French has often been made a laughingstock for some historical blunders, most of which were done by Napoleon.

But to this one must add that the French has given mankind a lot of lessons.

And if you happen to be a balding man, then you must give your French neighbour a hug because the term toupee is French in origin. 
It means top cover, indicating a covering for a man’s bald area.

Wigs for men may be not as common as those for women, but if your top cover is becoming too thin, then a men toupees wig is truly a great help.

But how did William Shatner have to become related to the term?

It was because during the height of his popularity, you will scarcely see Mr. Shatner without his hairstyle designed specifically to cover his front bald spot.

While wearing no men wigs, his hairstyle alone signified a conscious effort to hide his balding so the identity stuck with him.

Toupee Wig: Lessons from Star Trek

Well, not exactly a lesson directly from the history books that is Star Trek.

But because toupees will forever be related to its lead character James Kirk that was portrayed by William Shatner, the movie was instrumental for the extreme popularity of the hairstyle for men, which became the hairstyle statement for men in the ’70s and ’80s.

For men of today wishing to look the part of Capt. Kirk, a men toupees wig is the perfect match.

Men Toupees Wig or Hair Restoration?

This is a very good question to settle. Amongst the arguments batting for hair restoration are:

  • Hair restoration is more permanent. Depending on the procedure, the benefits can last as long as your lifetime.

  • Hair restoration frees a man’s thought from being preoccupied by how one’s top appears.

    This means that once a hair restoration process is completed, one will never have to worry about it again.
  • On the other hand, using men toupees wig is considered advantageous due to the following reasons:Unlike hair restoration, there is no pain at all resulting from surgical implantation of new hair.
  • There is no need to be careful as to one’s health, which is a common requirement after a hair implant procedure. With toupees wig on, wearing it is never complicated. 
  • Moreover, with the ability to shampoo and apply conditioner to it, you can pamper it all you want. It is the easiest way to look the part of William Shatner!

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