Long Hair Wigs: When Long Is Beautiful

Long hair wigs are so-called because length is the main feature that makes them particularly attractive.

While some womens wigs are purposively short in length, manufacturers try to make up for it by making such short wigs very attractive through styles and designs that appear exactly the way a real hair would.

In particular, long hair wigs have the following features that set them apart from other wigs:

  • Their length at the back is anywhere between 16 to 25 inches.

    The long strands in such wigs make them ideal for styling such as wavy and curly designs though they may also come in a straight design the way a newly relaxed hair looks like.
  • Unlike short female wigs, they feature prominent deigns at the forehead area that provides a multi-dimensional look at any woman.

All About Long Hair Wigs

While hair designs come in various styles, most women prefer to keep their hair long.

Most men, for all the admiration they have for women also like long hair because they see it is equivalent to being attractive.

On the other hand, some women may not be blessed with having long hair or when they do grow them to a certain length, they become so unattractive that they can be a distraction instead of attraction.

This is where long hair female wigs come in as a savior of women’s appeal.

Natural Long Hair Wigs

Although most of us are accustomed to the notion that wigs are made from synthetic materials that are made to look naturally, the advances in hair treatment technology enabled manufacturers to come up with long hair female wigs that use 100% human hair.

This way, users can care for their wigs the way they would with their actual hair, in the process reducing spending because it takes away all expenses for wig treatment and maintenance.

More importantly, the natural hair material makes one’s crown look amazingly real.

And because you know it’s just a wig, you will never be afraid at trying various designs and treatment that you may not be able to do with your own real hair.

Long Hair Wig Styles

It used to be that all wigs come in only a handful of designs.

Thankfully, you belong to a generation where female wigs are crafted expertly that there is practically nothing that separates them from real hair.

In the case of long hair wigs, the following are some of the styles that are very popular among women:

  • Long straight designs such as the Zara, Stevie, Brandi, and the extra long Zin wigs

  • Wavy styles like the Long and Lush, Always, and the Brittany wigs

  • Curly style such as the Tigress, Valentine, Kit and Tango wigs

  • Blonde designs such as the Tigress, Farrah, Temptress, and Zin wigs

  • Redhead wigs like the Relentless, Brigitte, and Tawney wigs

Styling Women’s Wigs

Because most womens wigs today use natural hair materials, maintaining and styling them are not much of a challenge anymore.

In fact, they can also be wet, shampooed, or conditioners can also be applied on them the way you do with your own hair.

This really makes them a hot item for the fashion needs of today’s women.   

In terms of making the prefect fit, long hair female wigs can be made to fit exactly to your scalp.

This is done by precisely measuring first the cap of your skull and weaving the wig based on the measurement.

To keep them in place, pins are attached to them so they can be attached to your real hair.

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