Large Wig Styles for the
Fashion-Conscious Women

So what does large wig mean? Although wigs are not generally classified according to sizes, some women’s wigs have to be so, more as a result of necessity and not really as a means to provide distinction in qualities.

This is the case of the large wig for women. Although the term large may cause some to think that it is quite huge and may fit only physically large women, this is not really true.

On the other hand, this is not really to say that all physical measurements were discarded; quite the contrary, it is not the scalp size that matters but rather the length that lends it the name.

What Is A Large Wig for Women?

As mentioned above, size does not really matter in determining the quality of wigs. 
In the case of large female wigs, only the following dimensions matter:

  • By most measurements, a large hair wig covers the nape, the front, and the side.

    The minimum length especially of the back should be at least 14 inches, although there is largely no means to establish this length as the main criteria for large female wigs.
  • Wigs of this type, because they are larger than other designs, need to have a large skullcap to put the wig in place firmly.
  • Although most large women’s wigs are lengthy, there are some that are short and wavy.

    This type of wigs can also come in various colors. Because of this, the length is not truly considered as the decisive criteria for naming some wigs as large.

Examples of Large Wigs for women

The following are some of the most popular styles of large wig for women:

  • Aria Shadow Shades. This specific wig comes in various colors although the red brunette style is the most popular.

    It is very short and ranks among the shortest large hair wig for women. It is called the shadow shades because of the styling on the forehead area that is similar to a man’s toupee.
  • Close Call. If the aria shadow shades is a short style wig, this one is even shorter.

    In fact, it is more akin to the Eva Gabor wig, which is so very short it barely covers the sides.

    Yet, because of its wavy style and the fact that it resembles a wig named after a famous celebrity, this wig is also very popular.
  • Jacki  is named after the hair style made famous by the late former first lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy.

    The short and wavy style is distinctively Jackie Kennedy.
  • Carla wig is the true large hair wig. This is because of the thick hair and the lengthy sides and back.

    This style requires the wearer to have a large skull cap to fit the wig.
  • The movie Pretty Woman will always be the movie associated to Julia Roberts. 

    It was also this movie that made Roberts a very popular celebrity. From then on, her fashion style was copied by women, and it was not too long that a wig was named after her.

How Much Do Large Hair Wig Costs?

Aside from the name, there is nothing to suggest that a large wig will be expensive. In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised that large ladies’ wigs are actually very cheap.

For example, Close Call and Aria costs less than $80, while Carla costs only $65. That is a lot cheaper than wigs that can cost as much as $500.  But it depends on the occasion, work or a party.

Did you know! The good news is that these wigs are all made from natural human hair so it feels like wearing real hair!

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