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Who are Jon Renau wigs designed for/ Hair wigs are an important part of the personality and when it comes to these wigs, they really bring out the best of your personality!

Considered as one of the top brands in hair wigs, Jon Renau styles were even voted amongst the top 40 looks of 2011.

Is Jon Renau for Real?

Jon Renau started in 1969 to explore the alternative hair industry in South Africa has come a long way and is known across the world to offer women the freedom to choose
– the freedom to express
– the freedom to be who they are! 
Jon Renau wigs collection has over 125 styles to offer and more than 100 salon-inspired colors that makes their wigs larger than life. 

Now that’s something to really wish for!

The freedom styles…!

Jon Renau is one of the top brands in the world market for wigs today thanks to their freedom styles that offer so much more than just hair wigs.

They offer two top of the line hair wigs collection and they are the HD collection and the Smartlace human hair collection.

The HD collection consists mainly of long, medium, and short hair styles. Some of the top HD styles include:

  • Flame style: Chic shoulder length bob available in 24 colors and made from heat defiant synthetic.

    You can even style it according to your moods like a straight style if you are feeling confident or a wave style if you are feeling naughty.

  • Ignite Style : short bob available in 29 colors that will not only create a natural hairline but also make you look and feel trendy. A fashionable style, it will surely make sparks fly!

  • Haute style : This one’s a real eye opener! Available in 25 colors, it is a classic chin length bob that oozes subtle sensuality and flawless appeal.

A WigsExpert Tip #1 – Jon Renau wig comes with a lot of wow factor to it and this is what makes it so “wanna have”!
They have some of the hottest styles and colors in the market today. 
If you are thinking of making a real impression then it can’t get any better or hotter than Jon Renau wig styles!

Are Jon Renau Wigs expensive…?

Jon Renau wigs are one of the best in the market today and the best does come for a price!

The good news is that it will not make a hole in your purse. It all comes down to one aspect – the style.

A smartlace Alia wig may cost you anywhere from $220 to $299 while the long Amanda wig is available between $220 and $260.

Most of the hottest styles of Jon Renau hair wigs are within the range of $200 and $300 except for specific new costume styles like the Bombshell wig, which can be your for just $45. Shop around as the price is probably not within a party costume range.

What’s my style?

Jon Renau offers so many styles that at times you might find it hard to choose or let go of a particular style. Yes!

Their styles are irresistible to say the least and complement different face shapes, personalities, and scalps.

The various styles offered include:

  • HD Collection – A heat defiant collection of wig styles with the popular ones being Zara, Allure and Angie.
  • Smartlace human hair – Completely feminine style using Remy human hair and available with a lace front cap construction. Most popular styles include Jennifer and Nicole. 
  • Smartlace – Chic styles created using smartlace technology and offer the most natural hairline. Popular styles include Petite Alia, Hillary, and Nita.
  • O’Solite – The most popular collection of hair wig styles by Jon Renau. You can choose from impressive soft bangs and long layered tresses to short and sassy pixie cuts. Popular styles include Angelique large, Cameo, Halle, Jazz, and Petite Natalie.
  • Mono Top – One of the most Ubercool style collections by Jon Renau. Popular styles include Bella, Faye, Ellen, Lola, and Simplicity. 

Jon Renau wigs have been voted as the best human hair wigs of 2011 and this just means that natural is stylish too!

Maintaining and taking care of the human hair wigs are easy and you can even opt for several accessories offered by Jon Renau for serious care of your wigs.

From styling hairspray to smooth luxury shampoo, you can now own the best wig care and styling kit in the world.

 Go show the world who you really are!

WigsExpert Tip#2 – Each style has been perfectly created to match different face shapes and personality.

For best results, consider the shape of your face, the size of your skull cap, and the style that you can carry off!

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