Halloween Wig That Doesn’t Scare You!

A Halloween wig helps you ‘get into your character’ and portrays you perfectly in the role you have chosen for yourself.Halloween is all about family, fun, and freedom from the norm.
No Halloween celebration is complete without a Halloween costume and a Halloween wig to make the occasion more believable and memorable.

Also known as ‘costume wigs,’ they can be found at any good

Halloween Shop

These wigs may not be usable on an everyday basis, but they are extensively used on movie sets as well as for Broadway productions.

Nevertheless, they are most sought after during the Halloween festival celebrations.

Choosing a Halloween wig

Party Time Hot Pink Afro Wig

You probably already know that wigs have been in use since many centuries ago.

Curly wigs were popular during Charles II reign, while Louis XIII was also a very big proponent of wigs since he turned bald prematurely.

He was known to popularize elaborate wigs.

With passing centuries, wigs began to be considered as a fashion symbol, especially among the bourgeoisie.

And when the rules of the Kings ended, wigs started being used by the common man as well.

That being said, Halloween hair wigs are more about fun and being whacky. They epitomize daring, rebellion, and lots of entertainment.

Uncle Sam Wig with Goatee

So whether you are dressing up as Louis XIII or Count Dracula, Halloween wig ideas are your best bet.

WigsExpert Tip#1
Whether you need a Halloween hair wig for yourself or your kids, we have them all.
From colorful Afro hairstyles to Mullets and from bobs to pixies, WigsExperts have Halloween hair wigs for the festival, stage, movie, or simply for enjoyment!

Choosing your Halloween costume wig

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OK, so you’ve decided what you are dressing up as on Halloween.

But in order to pull off the perfect look for your festival party, you’ll need more than just the perfect costume. You’ll need the perfect hairstyle and makeup.

Spending time to dye and style your natural hair to match with your Halloween costume cannot just be a painful process but also a time consuming one.

It’s just easier to buy a Halloween costume wig that is not just inexpensive but also time saving! Moreover, choosing wigs for Halloween is an easy affair.

Here’s what you need to know –

  • Cheap Halloween costume wigs can’t tolerate lot of hairspray, pins or styling

  • Always choose a pre styled Halloween wig, so that you don’t have to spend time make it look perfect

  • AVOID using straightening irons etc on Halloween costume wigs

  • Most costume wigs are made with synthetic fibers and can melt on contact with hot styling tools

  • A wig for Halloween requires only light combing or an occasional brushing

  • Never subject your Halloween hair wigs to any sort of abuse

WigsExpert Tip#2
–Always buy a wig cap along with your costume wig so that you can keep your own hair well under control.
A wig cap also ensures that the wig is strongly secured to your head and will stay in place for longer.

Wearing your Halloween wig

Everyone is super excited when it’s time for Halloween.

From carving facing in pumpkins to deciding on the Halloween party menu to announcing your unique Halloween fancy dress idea, Halloween wig ideas further the excitement and the up the adrenaline!

A big part of your Halloween get is the Halloween wig, but wearing that wig correctly can be a little tricky.

Follow the below steps to ensure that your Halloween get up is maintained throughout the party duration, without causing you any embarrassment.

1. Pull all your hair back. Long hair can be secured in a ponytail. Keep the ponytail low and at your nape.

2. Use bobby pins and pin the ends of your ponytail to your head, ensuring that your hair stays flat.

3. Short haired people can secure their bangs with bobby pins, away from their face.

4. If you have purchased a wig cap, it’s time to put it on.

5. Wear the wig cap as per the instructions on its package.

6. Make sure all your hair is safely tucked away under the cap.

7. Now bring out your wig for Halloween.

8. Using your fingers and thumbs, ease the wig slowly over the top of the head and gently make your way to the base of the neck.

9. Loose wigs can be fastened using tape adhesive or liquid glue.

10. Once the costume wig sits nicely on your head, you can indulge in some small amount of styling if needed.

Once you have styled your hair piece, it’s time to apply some makeup and head out to become the center of attraction of the Halloween party!

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