From Full Wigs to Half Wigs

A half wigs may be defined in various manners. It may mean that half of the hair used is synthetic, and the other half is genuine or natural human hair.

Some half wigs or hairpieces are also known as hair extensions. Another definition is that only the half part of the head is being applied by the wig, while the other half is left with the original hair that grows on the person’s scalp.

Different Ways of Applying Half Hair Pieces Wigs

First is through bonding. This is the application that only stays for a short period of time. Hair extensions are being used, and hair glue is applied on the hair where the extensions will be bonded.

The glue used in bonding can be easily removed, and so this is the common half wig used during photo shoots wherein short-haired models can instantly have longer locks, and after which it can be removed at once.

Another way of applying these hairpieces is by braiding. This is usually called cornrow, and is often done to kinky and curly hair.

This is seen mostly as the hairstyles of African-Americans because braiding usually compliments with the type of hair they have. This is done by gluing the hair, but this time a stronger glue than the one used in bonding is used. 

Sometimes instead of gluing, the hair is being sewn to the natural hair. It is then braided into rows and appears more natural since it is braided with the natural hair.

This usually takes a longer time to finish compared to bonding, but it stays longer with the natural hair as well.

Braided or bonded wigs are usually done in tracks. So for cheaper alternatives, wide half hair pieces wigs are being used rather than separate hair tracks.

It is sewn into weaves on the top or front layer of the hair and is divided equally or depending on the thickness or the style.

Next is the front lace or false front wig. This was designed to make the front part of the hair look perfect. Typically this is used to enhance the bangs.

The false front wig is applied by sewing or gluing, tracing the hairline from ear to ear. During the earlier years, some hats had false fronts on it. So there was no need for it to be sewn or glued on the hair. 

But it would only stay that way as long as the hat was on. That’s why they further innovated this to be sewn or glued that even without the hat the front part of the hair would still look beautiful.

Aesthetics has always been the purpose of wigs. May it be full or half hairpiece wig.

Full Wig vs. Half Wig

A full wig has a full lace cap while a half hair piece wig obviously uses a half lace cap. It’s either donned on the upper or lower part of the head.

The other half however is made by a regular wig cap or none at all. This is a less expensive wig or hair piece compared to the full lace wig, the downside though is that it is not as natural-looking as the full lace.

Most often, half wigs are used by men who are already experiencing hair thinning and loss due to aging or health related problems, whose hairlines extend further from the forehead.

Half wigs and hairpieces are also preferred by some celebrities since this type of wig easily fools the camera.

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