The Bangs and Blunts of Hairdo!

What is Hairdo? Wondered what makes the innocent look of Drew Barrymore or the seductive Jessica Simpson look tick?  That’s what hair styling and fashion is all about.

Now you can get the style you want, the look and feel you desire, and the personality you only wished in your dreams with just a small Hair do. Time to bring on the change!

How does it work?

Hair-do is not a complete hair wig or a hair style but it is something that binds both together to create the aura that defines styling in a potently gorgeous way.

There are several different elements that form an integral part of a Hairdo and without one element; the others might not work the magic that you desire.

Most of the top Hair do styles are available for straight hair or curvy or wavy hair styles.

Of course, there are some breathtaking ones for short and straight hair or the conventional bob cut as well.

The three important elements that make a Hair-do stand out of the crowd are length, volume, and color.

Celebrity! Me?

Yes! Now you can also get that hot celebrity look and the divine feel of wearing a straight hair style with drop dead curls.

Some of the hottest Hair do wig styles are available under the Jessica Simpson category and these are real winners! 

The Jessica Simpson Hair-do wig styles not only look good but will do a lot of good to your confidence and bring out a charismatic appeal that you never thought existed.

A WigsExpert Tip #1
– Most of the hottest wig styles in Jessica Simpson are available in long length hair only. 
There are very few hair wig styles on offer in short length or medium length in the Hair-do collection. 
The average cost of Hairdo styles varies from $99 to $199.

What are my hair texture choices…?

Hair-do by Jessica Simpson offers two categories of hair textures – straights and Wavy. 
Straights include both long lengths and short lengths and are available in 15-30 different colors to add that extra sparkle and shine. 
 Wavy on the other hand is available in long length only with around 10-15 color options. 

The good thing is that you can always opt for the clip in hair attachment, which can change you styles from straight to curly whenever you desire.

Hairdo styles that tick

Hair do by Jessica Simpson offers rejuvenating and modern wig styles which have "oomph-ed" their way up the list of top styles in world.

Today, hair styles from different categories of Hairdo are considered to be simply hot and happening.

The subtly seductive collection of hair styles can be classified as under:

  • Bangs – This one is a real "bang in your face attractive" style that talks louder than words.

    Available only in a single short length style, it is a must have for anyone looking to bring out that sexy boyish appeal in them.

    "Clip In Bangs" as it is known, is a limited edition inspired by Jessica Simpson and created by the hottest stylist in Hollywood – Ken Paves.

    It is a clip on attachment that brings out the magic of super chic blunt bangs.

  • Hair falls and half wigs – This is a nice mix of two different styles – the 60’s simplicity mixed with the cute Barbie doll long lengths.

    Available in a single style called the styleable headband fall, it is basically a one piece extension system.

    The length of hair in this style various from 19-21 inches and is available with interchangeable headbands.

    You can even choose from 13 different colors – one of each occasion!

  • Best Sellers – This is the top category of Hairdo wig styles inspired by Jessica Simpson.

    There are 6 options to choose from with one option in short length hair, three options in long length hair, and two options in pony tail hair wig styles.

    The options are 16" Fine Line C (long), 20" Styleable S (long), 23" Syn Wavy (long), Clip in Bangs (short), Wavy Bump Up Po (pony tail), and Wrap-Around Pon (pony tail).

    These styles have been created using Tru2Life synthetic hair that can be curled or straightened and are available with pressure sensitive clips to secure them in place without damaging your natural hair.

    No wonder these are the best sellers!

Hairdo from Jessica Simpson is not just about hair and wigs – it is about bringing out the true essence of hair styling and how it magically blends in with your smile! Related article: Get Some Style in Your Life with Remi Hair    

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WigsExpert Tip#2
– Hairdo by Jessica Simpson also offers some flirty curls in their human hair collection. 
Costing around $150, these wig and hair extension styles are made from 100% fine human hair and seven different colors to choose from.