Get Funky With A Green Wig

Got a thing for a green wig? Why not try to be funky. Green hair wigs are perfect for cosplays, Halloween parties, costume parties, and even for everyday use.

Color wig can make a good fashion statement too. Celebrities get so fabulous with the help of these colour wigs.

Make yourself the “green apple of the eye” in your party with green wig. Green hair wig are not only for fun, they also are for fashion.

These colour wigs come in different varieties that will surely suit your personality.

There are these short, spiky, and punky styles like that of an 80’s pop rock star that will bring out your more outgoing side.

You can also select curls that add spice to your wig. There are also classy that create a blend of a wacky yet sexy you.

Aside from fashion purposes, colour wigs are also used to disguise people who are bald. Wigs may be the no.1 hair restoration remedy. 
They are quick solutions for hair problems.

Choosing the Right Wig

There are a lot of wigs to choose from; and there are several wig stores in the mall and online that offer different colour wig like blue, pink, red, and green wigs.

Getting the right wig requires you to be armed with the necessary information. You might want to buy a wig that you can use for several occasions.

So if you are you planning to buy a wig, try these simple tips that will help you choose the right one:

  • Know what you want. First, you must know what style you really want to have. Wigs come from simple to complex styles. For those who have small-framed faces, do not choose bulky colour wig.

    Make sure that your wig will complement your face. There are also a wide variety of color wigs available. For your leprechaun-like and punk style, green wig are the best for you. 

There are also red wigs that set your personality on fire.

  • Know how you are going to use your wig. Wigs are made from different materials such as synthetic, human, and animal hair. For a one-day use like parties or holidays, you might want to consider buying synthetic ones.

    If you are planning to wear a wig for many occasions, you should select those wigs that are made form natural materials.

They do not get strangled easily and are more durable.

Know your budget. The Internet is a very efficient medium for finding the best deal that suits your budget. There are branded items and regular items that are rationally priced.

There are synthetic colour wigs that are for people with tight budgets. However, synthetic wigs like others harbor disadvantages.

Since they are made of nylon or plastic in that sense, they easily get heated.

They also have a considerable static energy. Wetting your hand and brush it to your hair can fix this.

How to Take Care of Green Wig
and Other Color Wigs

Synthetic non-color and color wig, like those green wig used in cosplays, and even those made from natural materials can get destroyed easily if not taken cared of.

With just a simple regular caring, your wig can last for years. Here are tips on how to take care of those precious colour wig:

  • Avoid too much heat. Your hair can get damaged with too much exposure to the sun, so as your wig. Some green hair wig are synthetically made and easily melt and burn when heated or when they get in contact with flame.

  • Keep your wig always in shape. When storing your wig, keep it in a wig position. This will prevent your non-color and color wigs from folding and getting kinks.

  • Brush/comb your wig regularly and before storing. Just like any ordinary hair, your wig can get crimps. Be sure to use soft-bristled brushes. Also use a wide-toothed comb or simply use your hand to fix your wig.

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