Making Your Own Geisha Wig

Geisha wig can give you the great answer if you have not given much thought about the difference between an excellently donned up costume and a mediocre look.
Of course, wigs spell the great difference of the success of every costume worn by you.

While most people believe that there should be much effort exerted in finding the best suitable fabric and details of the costume, wigs can be simply obtained in women’s wigs shops or salons.

Wigs are important in adding to the authenticity of the characters you are portraying so it definitely helps to find wigs that are of good quality.

Although female wigs are frequently used by women almost every day, some wigs are especially made for various uses.

Geisha Wig Adult

instance, ladies’ wigs can be used while healing from serious health conditions and processes such as chemotherapy.

Others would also use women’s wigs while playing a certain role in films, movies, stage performances, and others.

Halloween is also the time when wigs are most popular and in demand. It is the very occasion where children and even adults love dressing up as their favorite celebrity or movie character.

Among the well-known costumes that are paired with ladies’ wigs include Lady Bug, Queen Bee, rock icons, Hawaiian costumes, and even Japanese Geisha costumes.

With the help of wigs, particularly female wigs, you can play with your look to achieve the near-perfect look of your costume.

For a Japanese Geisha Costume

In particular, if you decide to don up a Geisha costume, you will need a Geisha wig to complete your look.

And in planning for your Geisha costume, making your own wig can be a great advantage on your time and money instead of looking for a Geisha wig from several shops.

Hence, here is list of materials that you will need in making your very own costume.

You will need a black wig that measures long enough to pass through your shoulders.

There are actually some packages of black hair weaved with glue that can be bought as substitute for a Geisha hair wig, only that the black weaved hair sometimes costs more and can take extra time to finish.

Kimono Girl Child Costume
  • Besides the long black hair, you will also have to purchase a scrunchie (See all ponytail holders) and a wig cap.

    A scrunchie is a small black hair band used in accentuating the Geisha hair style.

  • In addition, hair pins or black Bobby pins, sometime called hairgrips (See all Hair styling pins) are also needed in keeping the wig style secure and held in place.

    You can also play with these hair pins since there are some decorative hair clips, ribbons, and others that can be used in a Geisha wig.

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    Geisha Wig Instructions

    Now, for the specific instructions in making a Geisha hair wig, just follow these steps:

    • Braid your hair into cornrow style and then wrap the braid around your head with the use of bobby pins.

    • Now, put the wig cap on along with the black wig.

    • Next, get the scrunchie and place it on the wig to result into a loose ponytail.

      A Geisha hair wig needs enough hair in front in handing over the head. 

    Make sure to place the scrunchie at the back of your neck and not in the top of the head.

    Pull the scrunchie up over the middle top area of your head and push it down the surrounding hair until it is fold over your face forming a mushroom.

    Secure the hair using hair pins in a circular motion around the scrunchie to keep the mushroom form of your wig of Geisha.

    Lastly, wrap the loose hair that hangs down the back around the scrunchie and make sure to cover it with hair.

    Once you have finished making your Geisha wig, you can decorate it with other accessories like flowers or hair sticks.