Make Your Own Funny Wigs

Funny wigs, ever thought of making your own design? There are times when it is really hard to make a costume for a party, Halloween, for example, without choosing (and making) the best wig that can complement it.

Regardless if you are going to a costume party or you need to make a different costume for a child, a wig is important to complete the total look.

Superman Vinyl Wig Adult

Think of a design.

And it can be better if you pair funny costumes with of a wig design of your own.

Among the many types of hair pieces that you can make is one made of rug yarn or any kind of thick yarn. Thick yarns can be used to make your costume wig, but this is most often used in clown costumes.

Funny costume wigs made of rug yarn are usually made into loops of every skein. If the thick yarn does not come in loops, you have to form these rugs into loops by making use of the back of a chair or asking a friend to spread his or her hands at one foot apart.

Mom Wig - Grey

What look are you trying to achieve.

Using six skeins of bright colors like orange and yellow, you can even the loops and tie them at an end.

Your funny wigs’ loops will have to be cut in the opposite end to make each individual strands and then fasten with bobby pins.

Thing You May Need To Make Some Funny Wigs

Do It Yourself

If you want other styles for funny wigs, you can enjoy dressing up in some elaborate costumes for Halloween and other parties.

Brown Viking Wig

Dark hair.

There are available varieties of costume wigs that are sold online or at some local retail wig shops.

However, the quality is not always as great as the wigs should be since excellently made wigs can be really expensive.

Thus, to avoid spending too much on buying funny costume wigs to match your costume, you can just make your very own costume wig right in the comforts of your home.

To make one, you just have to do the following:

  • Before you gather your materials, it is important to figure what kind of style you want your funny costume wigs to be. Decide on the type of hair, color, and length you want for your funny wigs.

    Choose whether you want a synthetic hair wig or the one made from human hair.

Mixed Blonde Viking Wig

Light hair.

  • Next, gather your items for your costume wig. Get all the things you need in making your wig. Particularly, get a weft hair, a Styrofoam head, wig cap, and bonding glue.

Mega Huge Afro Wig

Make it dark.

  • You now have to set up your working area and once you are ready to start, set your materials up. Put the Styrofoam head on the table and place the wig cap over it.

    Just make sure you have enough room to comfortably work on.

  • Glue the hair and start gluing the hair weft to the wig cap. Start at the bottom of the wig cap to the top of the head.

Then allow the glued hair strands to dry naturally. After you have finished gluing the hair wefts, allow it to dry for a minimum of two and a half hours.

After at least two hours, check on the top pieces of your costume wig to make sure it has completely dried.

Lastly, your costume wig must have the right accessories and finishing touches it needs. Once the wig is totally dry, put some finishing touches to it.

Rainbow Economy Clown Wig

Or multicolour.

You can even trim it or cut it down with bangs.

Once you have styled your funny wigs into your desired look, you are now ready to go to that costume party to have a blast with your friends and family.

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