Bring Back the Old Days with the Flapper Wig

Who would wear a Flapper wig? Reminiscing is prevalent in all aspects of human life to such an extent that some species of women’s wig are actually a reflection of the fashion of those days gone by.

A good example of this is the 1920 wig. That short and sometimes curly wig that is reminiscent of women’s hairstyles during the gangster decade of the 20s.

While it is said that a key ingredient to success is for every person to be forward-looking, mankind has accumulated enough memories to make looking back at those bygone days worth it all.

After all, reminiscing allows us to enjoy the present, and it provides some clues as to what we are now.

What Is a Flapper wig?

A flapper wig is a wig that is patterned after the hairstyles of women during the 1920s when Chicago gangsters dominated national events and characters like Al Capone and the Big Mama not only evoked fear among its opponents but also instilled awe and inspiration among the public. 

Women during those times also wore stylish fashion expressed in clothing and in the way they style their hair.

Some of the prominent features of a flapper hair wig are the following:

  • Flapper wigs are very short, extending only up to the point a few inches beneath the ears, although some of these may actually reach the shoulder level.

  • Although they are usually curly from top to end, some of them are designed straight including the bangs area. 

Because they are shorter than most wigs, there is a limited range of styles that can be made on them.

  • Because of their short length, a flapper hair wig has to use a wig cap to fasten it to your scalp instead of using pins to attach it to your hair.

    As a result, they can be hot to wear although this is compensated by its short length that allows air to cool your scalp.

Common Flapper Hair Wig Designs

The following are some of the more popular women’s wig of the flapper hair wig variety:

  • Black flirty flapper. This is the wig that is truly flirty on the look. With that short and stubby style and night-black color, this is the perfect match for a white woman trying to look seductive.
  • Betty Boop Be-Bop wig is also one of the more popular flappers. Unlike the black flirty variant, this one is a bit longer, reaching the shoulders; although it is also available in variants that reach only up to the tip of the ears.

    What accentuates its style is the presence of short curls in the forehead and cheek that provides a sense of depth and mystery to a woman’s looks.
  • Retro wigs are available in both blonde and black styles. A flapper hair wig of this style is fluffy and curly, it seems like a flashback to the era of bell-bottomed jeans.
  • Finger wave flappers are also popular women’s wig types. This is considered to be an even older style of a flapper wig.

    With its very curly and wavy style, it sports of deep creases that are set similar to curling techniques wherein fingers are used to create the creases.

While the design of a flapper hair wig or any women’s wig for that matter is important, consideration must also be given to the style of dress that will be worn with the wig.

And because flapper wigs are not the “in” thing these days, one must be mindful enough to wear the wig only on occasions where it is required such as in retro parties.

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