An Eva Gabor Wig Get the Look of Fame

So why choose an Eva Gabor Wig? Celebrities have an uncanny mark of influence to the world long after they are gone. As a result, we still bear witness to the fashion styles of James Dean, Elvis Presley, or even of Michael Jackson.

It is because these personalities were so popular during their prime that it is impossible to erase their sense of fashion and style.

And talking about style, she is also one of the most popular women’s wigs nowadays because it makes women look the part of the famous Eva Gabor as well as the socialite feeling that the woman is known for.

Who Is Eva Gabor?

The name Eva Gabor may fail to ring a bell among the present generation. However, this is not really indicative of the fame that this Hungarian-born actress possesses.

She was active in Hollywood films up to her death in 1994. Aside from the movies, she also had several TV programs to her credit and sometimes voiced a good number of Walt Disney cartoon characters.

All through her life, Eva Gabor sported her hair in a short and wavy manner that is now immortalized in an Eva Gabor women’s wig.

The wig that is eponymous of her name is also short and wavy, although other variants are also available.

Because Eva Gabor is sometimes referred to as part of the older generation of Hollywood stars, celebrity wigs modeled after her are so popular among older women.

Nonetheless, the style of the wig that bears her name is also popular among the present generation when required in occasions like dress-up parties or retro parties.

These hairpieces would not be so popular, unless they were loved by women. But one reason why they are loved is because of the simplicity of the wig, especially its short hair design makes it very easy to wear.

The Eva Gabor Wig a Fashion Statement

An Eva Gabor wig is considered the perfect fashion accessory for women with the following features:

  • Because it is short and often wavy, the wig is considered the best among women’s wigs for those who have a round face.

    The short and wavy style accentuates the roundness of the face, highlighting facial features instead of interfering with it.

  • While most celebrity wigs emphasize blonde style and long hair, the Eva Gabor wig is designed to be stylish and fit for a woman of any size or height.

    This is one reason why the wig is so popular among women, ranking high in popularity among women’s wigs.

  • Although the wig is considered a match for most style of women’s dresses, it is best for short and sleeveless cut.

Where to Buy Your Eva Gabor Wig

If you happen to live nearby a trendy fashion store, then chances are you will come across some women’s wigs on sale.

If there happens to be plenty of these wigs, then there is a chance that an Eva Gabor women’s wig is also available. But a very important element to ascertain is the integrity of the seller.

In some cases, you will also find Eva Gabor and celebrity wigs from saloons especially those that specialize in hair restoration.

When buying your Eva Gabor wig, you have the option of settling for synthetic hair or natural hair.

The latter is more expensive, but because it is real human hair, it can be shampooed and pampered the way you would to your own hair.

Moreover, the variant with natural hair can be styled easily with the usual hair styling accessory you have.

With synthetic hair, such is not possible and you have to deal with the often-messy question of styling.

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