An Elvis Wig
Must Be One Of The Best Dress up Wigs Ever

Why try an Elvis wig?. Other than being an icon in the entertainment industry, he was very much known for his sparkling wardrobe and iconic hairstyle with side burns.

And it is no surprise that a lot of people who try to imitate him would never be considered complete attire without the Elvis wigs.

This style and other celebrity wigs have always been the best accessory in a costume party among the many wigs for men and women. These Elvis Presley wigs are custom-made, complete with sideburns, based on the hairstyle Elvis was known for.

Like all the other wigs for men and women, are available in costume shops, specialty stores that specifically sell wigs, and online wig stores. If you are thinking wearing it for a special Halloween party, there will be plenty to choose from. But if you really want the perfect fit and make sure it’s of the best quality, it is advisable that you choose the right store and purchasing it.

Like Walking Down Memory Lane
Try an Elvis Wig

Elvis Deluxe Wig Adult

Elvis Presley, who used to be a truck driver from Tupelo, Mississippi, started making music in 1953 as he wrote and recorded songs as his gift to his mother.

And from then on his musical journey began as he literally rocked his way to fame. Elvis Presley is one of the most influential and popular entertainers of the twentieth century.

He is known as the early pioneer of rock music; his new rock and roll style were from musical fusion of rhythm-and-blues and country music.

Because of his great influence to the music world, he was named the King of Rock and Roll.

Most of his songs never failed to be on the no.1 spot in billboard hit charts, and these include “Hound Dog,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” and “Don’t Be Cruel” just to name a few.

Tips: Have the Elvis Look
Using Wigs or Hairstyles:

1. Dye the hair black.
Here’s a little trivia: Elvis Presley's hair was naturally blonde. He either dyed his hair bluish black or jet black.

If you want your hair to be exactly the same as Elvis’, you can bring a picture to the salon that best shows his hairstyle that you would want to have.

But if you would just want to have it temporarily or if you simply don’t have enough hair to get the hairstyle, you can resort to use a wig for men. 
Or to be exact, use an Elvis celebrity wig, which is already customized to his hairstyle.

Elvis Economy Wig Adult

2. Use pomade
Some man wigs such as your Elvis wig especially those made of natural hair can be applied with styling products.

As we all know, Elvis always had this polished look and slick finish to his hair, which was done with the help of styling product.

3. Combing it the Elvis way.
you can’t have the Elvis Presley wig, then do the trick with your own hair. First, comb the sides straight back. Then comb the front section straight up and loosely back creating the signature Elvis pompadour.

4. Shake it loose.
Other than the sideburns, one more style you can’t afford to miss in your own hair or with man wigs for the Elvis look is the piece of hair that falls at the front part of the pompadour.

Once you’re done  with this, you’re on your way for a perfect Elvis hair, may it be real or with the help of Elvis hair wigs.

5. Facial hair.
Now how can it be a complete Elvis package without the last touch of the sideburns?

Elvis has grown authentic ones, but if you on the other hand are not blessed with this, then no need to fuss out.

Elvis Glasses with Sideburns

Elvis hair wigs usually come in complete packages including the sideburns.

The first thing to consider if you want to dress up as Elvis is the clothes.

But the slick pompadour will always bring the complete Elvis look. If you can’t grow or get your own hair or those other man wigs to that shape, you can never go wrong with getting the perfect Elvis wig.

Keep in mind! If you plan to imitate Elvis for a living or be one die-hard fan of the King of Rock and Roll, then investing in good Elvis wigs will be a smart move

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