An Elvira Wig For That Spooky Look

Why choose an Elvira wig. One of the aspects of humanity that is a little difficult to comprehend is the fact that mankind by nature is afraid of the darkness and all the supposed creatures that thrive in the dark.

Yet in spite of this, man is attracted to all things spooky. This is signified in the popularity of such things as vampire costumes, Dracula, witches, and many things that are supposed to be feared.

Another element that gives some form of “star treatment” to feared things is the Elvira wig.

This wig is popular especially during costume parties or Halloween parties where it is a top choice for women’s wig costume wigs.

The Elvira Wig

Elvira Deluxe Wig

To most part of the American public, the name Elvira may not be a popular choice for a woman’s name.

But in communities touched by Spanish influences, the name is one of the most popular ones.

Indeed, the name is not only popular, it also denotes women of stellar beauty.

But a freaky and spooky eponym of this beautiful woman’s name is also made popular by associating the name Elvira with a woman tagged as the mistress of darkness.

As a result, coupled with man’s fascination with anything spooky, the Elvira hair was born.

The wig prominently features the following:

  • Long black hair design made to appear in a manner similar to what one would expect from a movie featuring women who are scary and spooky.

  • Although the hair is usually straight and reaches almost up to one’s butt in the back, there are some variants of the Elvira costume wig that are curly.

    In fact, some of them also have a crown made by designing the roots of the hair on top. Generally though, the top has a “whirlpool” design when seen from above.

Where to Buy Elvira Costume Wigs

Elvira hair wigs and other women’s wig costume wigs are available from theme stores or even from costume stores.

In some cases, stores specializing on children’s costume for parties also sell them. However, as in the case of any other merchandise, it is very important to be certain of the quality of the wig that is sold by a particular outlet.

Specifically, decide whether you are going to buy wigs with natural hair or ones with synthetic ones.

In this regard, you will have to do some researching to help you make a guided choice.

This is why it is very helpful to solicit opinion from friends or perhaps to consult some blog sites in the Internet for further reference.

How Much Do They Cost?

The Above Wig When Listed Here Was Under $15

Surprisingly, for a wig as popular as the Elvira wig, it doesn’t come at too hefty a price.

The range for the wig is as high as only $20, while some are even sold for as less as $12.

One reason for this low price is the fact that unlike other more stylish wigs.

Elvira hair wig does not require too much attention especially in the shaping of the crown as there is no need to put curls and other styles in place.

In fact, despite the fact that it is very popular, the Elvira costume wig looks natural;

it’s like simply growing your hair long and dying it as black as night.

Caring for Your Elvira Wig

Experts say that there is not much needed to keep your Elvira wig in mint condition.

If it is made from natural hair, you have to apply conditioner on it, although shampooing need not be as frequent.

However, time will come that the wig will ultimately lose its luster, but don’t feel dejected because all wigs using natural hair do reach this point ultimately.

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