Have That Pharaoh Look with an Egyptian Wig

So why is an Egyptian wig so iconic. Egypt has given a lot of inheritance to mankind. This is especially true during the height of the glory that was the Egyptian empire.
Today, we are left with traces of those bygone glorious days, although some physical evidences remain.
The whole world is still left in awe at the wonder that is the Great Pyramids at Giza.

But this is not all about ancient Egypt that survived, men and women today can still play act and wear the hair piece that is decidedly the look of the pharaoh.

Defining the Egyptian Wig

Perhaps you have seen pictures of pharaohs from your world history books.

Those long hair on the side and a short bangs up front is the signature image of the wig and is common for both gender, although those for men are a lot shorter for the reason that long hairs will likely to be cumbersome during combat.

Another common feature of an Egyptian hair wig is that it is lavishly adorned and dyed, often in shades of gold.

This dying is essential because it is indicative of the person’s standing in the society.

Today, the adornment on the wig is a common requirement among costume wig types of which the wigs patterned after those worn by the pharaoh is one of the most common.

Another feature of an Egyptian wig is that the hair is bundled into strands.

According to research, this is both a result of concern for hygiene as well as for style appropriate to one’s rank.

The bundling of the wig was common among the pharaohs and it makes the wig resemble the braided cornrows style that is popular among modern day hip-hop groups in the United States.

Egyptian Wigs Today

An Egyptian wig today retains all the features that the hairstyle of the pharaohs emphasized.
The hair is long and straight and styled and combed in an elegant manner, still depicting the royal status from where it originated.

But if you think that the wig is made from synthetic hair, then you should think again! In fact, some makers estimate that the wig is made from approximately a hundred thousand of real human hair.

The hair is bundled into strands to give the wig a thicker appearance. Like most costume wig styles today using human hair, the Egyptian hair wig can also be styled in many ways the way you would to your own hair.

Egyptian Princess Wig - Black

But because everything in the world changes, even the Egyptian hair wig has also been subjected to changes.
Today, it is common to find blonde variants of the wig, something that the Pharaohs would never have imagined to be possible.
Just like the black variant, this one is also made from human hair.

In order to preserve the natural nutrients in the hair, it is coated with beeswax and special resin in order to maintain its shine especially when it is shampooed and conditioned.

Aside from the Egyptian hair wig, there are also false beards similar to the real ones sported by the pharaohs.

Just like the costume wig, this one is also common only during stage plays when actors need to look the part of a Pharaoh.

Where Can I Buy My Egyptian Wig?

The Egyptian hair wig can be found among shelves of costume wig styles in your neighborhood novelty shop or at your favorite fashion malls.

If you are planning to look for the wig other than in costume stores, then you may be in for some frustration because the selling of this particular wig style is not popular compared to other wigs.

In fact, it is not common for women or men to be wearing them the way they would with other wig designs although the Egyptian hair wig is a hot item during fashion shows and costume parties.