Knowing More About the Ear Wig

Not This One?

If you have not heard about an ear wig, well, it is time to read about them.

Contrary to common belief, they are not just crawling insects that you find outside. They can be a fashionable wear that can be used as winter hat or beanie.

Ear wigs uniquely originated from Australia and were also designed from there. Those who have worn an ear-wig often say that it is better than a beanie and way cooler than using a cap.

Simply, earwigs are types of wigs and hair pieces that serves to keep your head warm and comfy in the most extreme cold weather conditions.

Made from a hundred percent thermal warm stretch polyester, an e-wig is normally topped with a variety of ear wig hair to set its exciting appearance.

They are also made of breathable materials to give you the friendliest comfort and not feel too hot even when playing around the snow.

Just like a regular beanie or cap, an earwig can also have varied sizes. There are available sizes that are made for adults, while there are sizes that are only for children and babies.

Depending on who will wear it, an ear-wig may come in various colors and patterns. For instance, fun and lively colors are more preferred for babies and children. And now, guess what?

You can also make your own by just following these simple steps below.

Making Your Own Ear Wig Hat

Like beanie hats, these are supposed to be snug-fit to the head and can also be crocheted.

These earwig hats can be made from different kinds of sizes from those that will be fit small heads to a size large enough to fit an adult head and other in-between sizes.

You can give your finished earwig to your baby, to a dear friend, or your special sweetheart since these kinds of wigs and hair pieces make great presents.


Here are some guides in making your own ear wig beanie.

  • First off, it is important to determine your knitting skills. If you are a beginner in making these kinds of wigs and hair pieces, then you will have to research more on what materials are needed in making ear-wigs.

  • Wigs and hair pieces such as beanie hats and ear wigs can be done by chaining four wool threads into joining a slip stitch and make sure it forms a ring.

    Then, chain one to make six single stitches in the center and insert long thin threads to make an exciting hat design.

  • Next, chain one and make two single stitches after every stitch around to further increase the size of your earwig circle.

  • After doing this, continue on increasing the chain by one to two single crochets after the first stitch and doing another single crochet during the next stitch.

    Repeat this until the end of the row joins into a slip stitch.

  • Wigs and hair pieces like these can be easily done by continuously chaining two single crochets until the end row joins.

  • Now, make sure that you stop increasing the stitches when the circumference reaches one to two inches smaller than the wearer’s head since wigs and hair pieces are supposedly fitted comfortably in the head.

  • You have to single crochet every stitch around as soon as you achieve your desired hat height.

  • Lastly, fasten off the stitch by cutting the yarn and extend one slip stitch to make sure it is secure.

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