Get A Dreadlock Wig
To Complete the Unique Style

Dreadlock wig- dreadlocks, which are also called dreads or locks, are composed of matted coils of hair.

They are intentionally done to produce a variety of hair textures and encourage the formation of locks by backcombing some sections of the hair, twisting them, or weaving the hair into crochet hooks and eventually form knots.

Dreadlocks are historically associated to a group of Hindu Shiva worshipers or the people in Africa, the Sufis in Pakistan, and recently the Rastafarian movement.

Although dreadlocks were already present even several years back, it has become a widely known hairstyle in the 1970s when reggae music gained popularity and was on the mainstream.
It was one of the notable fashion statement and several people— actors, athletes, authors, and rappers—were seen in their hair of locks or just a dreadlock wig.

The Western Style

A locked hairstyle became popular in the West among certain subcultures. There are the hippies, Gothic, crust Punk, and the New Age Traveler subcultures.

It was also popular among the styles of European descent and the Black African youths. There were members of the cyber goth subcultures who would be seen blatantly wearing a dreadlock men wig.

It was usually made from synthetic hair or was of plastic tubing or fabric.

Becoming a Popular Trend

With the dreads becoming a thing of fashion and beauty, the industry for men wigs capitalized on this trend. Out in the market came new line of hair products that catered to the care of a dreadlock wig, and there were also salons that offered services for those with dreadlock hair.

There were hair care items like wax and shampoos that were created specifically for this hairstyle. There were other hairstylists who created other varieties of men wigs that have modified locks and multicolored locks.

Other dreadlock hair wigs that were synthetic became available, and hair extensions or dread perms using chemicals were used to treat the hair and wigs with such hairstyles.Models with locked hairstyles also began appearing in fashion shows. They were seen with the Rasta clothing and the Jamaican-style reggae look.

Bob Marley Famous For Both His Music And Hair.

They sported exclusive fashion brands such as Christian Dior, a brand that created a whole collection of Rasta-inspired collections complete with models wearing men wigs in locked hairstyles.

Being in Dreadlock Style

The look of putting on a dreadlock men wig is one hairstyle that is not going out of style.
It has been there for a while, and it seems that there are still people who want to have that kind of hairstyle.

Apocalypse Dreads Adult Wig

Some would even want not just to have the men wigs in locks but a permanent dreadlock on their hair.

But for those who are on the look-out for a new look, having a temporary style on a dreadlock men wig would make a unique hair accessory.

At least with men wigs in locks, it is easier than taking days to create the look of a dreadlock style.

Great news!
No twisting and manipulating on your natural hair will be done, but all you need is just the synthetic hair in locks.
It is one way to boost your looks and one hairstyle that you can eventually change after a few weeks.

Rasta Tam with Dreadlocks

With a dreadlock wig, there will be no damage on the natural hair and at least it will give your hair a break from daily styling.

Looking for Dreadlock Wigs

There are wig makers who specialize in creating mid-range and high-end dreadlock wigs.

They would usually make these men wigs from synthetic hair. The mid-range wigs are for display, while the high-end wigs are for theater purposes and would cost several hundreds more than the other type.

There are also other wig specialists who would make custom wigs in locks such as the ones by Isaac Davidson.

You can choose a brown, blonde, black, or one with natural hair colors so that they don’t look dated even if they get worn for years.

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