Being in with Outrageous Colour Wigs

Colour wigs, who would wear them? What does America’s first president George Washington and modern-day’s Lady Gaga have in common?

It’s their crowning glory or the type of wigs they used that signified their position and symbolize their personality.

It comes in various colors, ranging from the subtle blonde to the wildest of pink wig, green wig, blue wig, and flaming red wig. But how did it all start?

A Little History on Wigs

During the eighteenth century, colour wigs would signify your status in the society and was even distinctive between male and female.

Men, especially those with higher ranks in the government, judges, and members of the parliament were to wear long curly wigs that had powders applied for it to have a distinct white color.

Women however had pick among various wig colors such as pink wig, red wig, green wig, or blue wig and other colors as long as it was not brighter than those that were used by men.

These wig powder wais mostly made of fine starch. Some were even scented from lavender and orange flowers and were colored pink, blue, yellow, and violet.

But these wig powders were inconvenient and messy, so its usage largely decreased. What was left was the white powderless wig that came from horse tails that were only used by men.

People were charged taxes if they used colour wig or applied color powders on their hair. And so eventually, people no longer used these.

Then came the newly emerged France and United States in the nineteenth century where wigs and their certain colors no longer represented sexes and status.

However, they weren’t used as fashion accessories. They were used by men and women who were already experiencing hair thinning and loss due to aging or even during sickness, which then signified frailty.

Did you know! Women were allowed to wear these wigs only during appearances in court. There came a time during the 1790s that a law was made pertaining to colour wigs.

The New Generation Colour Wigs

Today, there are still some Commonwealth Nations and several places in Britain that are using wigs for parliamentary proceedings, special occasions, and gathering of the royalties.

But mostly, people of today wear colored wigs as part of their fashion style and fancy dressing such as Halloween or costume parties where women wear pink wig to go with bunny costumes or a red wig to come as a rock star.There were quite a lot of celebrities that were known and associated to using different types and colour of wig.

To name a few, we have Dolly Parton, Rachel Welch, Tina Turner and Cher. Colored wig have also gained popularity in cross-dressers who wore wigs as part of everyday life and as a form of self-expression.

By using these, there is no need for them to grow their hair long, cut it pixie short, or have it dyed to a color of their choice.

By just simply going to a local department store, you can already have the color and style that you want, which is actually more convenient and less expensive than a trip to the salon.

You can have long blonde hair in the morning and a short flaming red wig for the night’s rave party. And that is minus the hours and dollars you have to spend to visit your hairdresser.

Due to the popularity of these colour wigs, there are a few stores in the market that sell and specialize in these kinds of wigs, from the artificial ones to the genuine human hair.

Choose from an array of colors. And the best thing about these stores is they actually teach their customers on how to use and care for their synthetic crowning glories, because these wigs, just like your real hair, need special attention too.

Colour Wig Maintenance Tips

Wig maintenance is important in order for your colored wig to have a longer life. Here are some basic tips for wig care:

  • Wash your wigs on a regular basis. However, don’t wash them daily. Cleaning them every after ten usages will do.
  • Avoid yanking your wig.
  • Avoid applying much harmful chemicals on your wig.
  • Keep it away from flames and other objects of hot temperature.
  • Don’t let the kids play with your wig.
  • Don’t let anyone borrow your wigs.

Using a colour wig that matches your personality should give your character a good highlight. Just make sure to get the right color for your wig.

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