How to Keep Your Colored Hair Extension in Perfect Condition

What is the purpose of a colored hair extension? Wearing color wigs has become a trend for people who want to have a different look that would fit in any occasion they wish to attend or to get that look they want that would aptly describe their current mood or disposition.

Aside from wearing a colour wig, another trend that is taking the modern generation by storm is the use of colored hair extension.

Wearing colored wigs hair extension is a fast and convenient way to change your look and hairstyle without having to wait for several weeks to get your desired hair length.

Colored Hair Extension Caring Tips 

  • If natural hair needs gentle caring, your colored wigs hair extension needs an even milder treatment because it doesn’t have a natural mechanism to protect itself and restore its health unlike natural hair.

    The key to keep your hair extension in perfect condition is to use the gentlest shampoo there is. 

This would keep your hair extension from drying and from having unwanted tangles.

If you notice that your colored hair extension is starting to fall off long before its expected expiry period, check out the shampoo that you are using.

You might be using one that has strong chemical components. To be sure, consult an expert hair stylist for shampoo recommendations.

  • When drying your colored wigs hair extension, you can dry it just like your natural hair but ionic dryer works better on color wigs and hair extensions compared to ordinary hair dryers.

  • To make your extension hair look real and alive, you have to make sure that the color of your hair extension is the same as your natural hair. 

To achieve this, color your natural hair with a color of your choice before coloring your hair extension.

Allow your hair to dry thoroughly to see its exact color then apply the same color to your hair extension. You can also apply highlights or streaks for variation and added style.

  • One of the things that can harm your colour wig is the chemical found on swimming pools.

    To keep your hair piece in tip-top shape, avoid dipping in swimming pools with exposed hair extension.

    To protect your hair extension, cover your hair with a latex swimming cap. 

Loosen any tangles by combing your hair from the bottom to the top.

If your colored wigs hair extension is already free from tangles, separate your hair into two and braid each side.

This will protect your hair and keep them neatly tucked under the swim cap. After taking a swim, be sure to take a quick shower or wash your hair with tap water to take off any forms of chemicals in your hair extension.  

  • If you already want to remove or change your colored hair extension, you can do it in two different ways.

    You can simply cut your hair extension off to remove the artificial hair or you can go to a hair stylist for a more professional approach in taking your hair extension off. 

The hairstylist will heat the area where your artificial color wigs was attached. This procedure will loosen the glue’s hold on your natural hair.

If your hair and scalp are still in perfect condition, you can style your hair the same day your hair extension was removed or you can apply another hair extension to your heart’s desire.

Note! You may have gotten the perfect colored hair extension but if you do not know how to take proper care of your colour wig, you would not be able to enjoy your extension hair for as long as you should.

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