The Ultimate Guide To Color Wigs

Read more on the color wigs section.The color of your hair speaks volumes about your personality. And these wigs in the right hair shade can do wonders to one’s self confidence and esteem.

Whatever the reason for your interest in coloured wigs, wigs are fun, exciting, and herald a new phase in life…!

Color Wigs; On pages of history?

wigs are back in vogue with bangs (no pun intended!) Wigs have been a part of human culture since centuries and were used more for covering up hair related problems rather than cosmetic purposes. 

They were also used to differentiate between the nobility and the common man. Back then, hair wigs were made of artificial hair and looked every bit, the ‘fake’ they were.

But today, hairpieces are stunning and look absolutely natural making it difficult for anyone to determine whether it’s real or artificial.

An investment or…?

There can be many reasons why you need a wig of a different color.

It could be a part of your professional garb, it could be a party requirement, or it could be a changeover staple!

Whatever your reason/s, a good wig is an investment. 

A valuable investment, not just in terms of the money you spend and high quality, because natural looking wigs are expensive ($800 to $3000+, while cosmetic wigs range from $50 - $500), and can completely alter your personality.

So choose wisely and reap long lasting benefits.

WigsExpert Tip#1
Colour wigs define who you are TODAY! Whether you want to be a Diva or a Fashionista, the right hair color wig can define that difference!
Break the hesitation barrier… let go of any inhibition to become the connoisseur of all eyes!

Expert advice or self learning…?

There is, quite literally, an unimaginable range of colors available to wigs in the market.

From online wig shops to salons and cosmetic shops, a plethora of hair wigs in different shapes, sizes, styles, colors, technologies, and quality are available nowadays. 

The best way to select a wig is seek the advice of a wig expert, a person or a company that has a wealth of experience and knowledge about wigs and what’s the right one for you, like or then to learn everything about it and make the choice yourself.

Of course, chances of making an incorrect choice are higher when you set out to get the job done yourself.

But with this “inforticle” (info article), you should be able to get it right the first time!

Understanding the types?

Color wigs can be classified based on their:

Lengths ; short, medium, or long

Colors  ; blondes, brunettes, reds, grays, blacks, and many tones and sub-tones etc

Hair types ; wavy, straight, curly, Afro-American etc

Head size ; mini petite, petite, average, and large

Type of fiber ; human hair, synthetic, whisperlite, fiberfusion among others

Brands ; Revlon, Motown Tress, Gabor, Jon Renau among others

Technology  ;  hand-made, lace front, monofilament, etc.

WigsExpert Tip#2
To get that completely natural hair look, match the color of the wig to the color of your eye and skin tone.

Regular or bolder you?

Just divorced? Broke up with your partner? Bored with being normal? Colored wigs can create a whole new avatar of you!

Don’t believe us? Try it. Just a subtle change in hair color can redefine who you are.

Simply choose a color that is a shade lighter than your natural hair color…or try a completely different shade from your original hair color for a newer, bolder you!

Color wigs are an excellent option for those of you who don’t want to color or streak their own hair.

Wigs are low maintenance, easy to use, and available in some amazing styles and colors.

If you are ordering online, check the color shade card, or request for actual color samples so that you can compare in person.

WigsExpert Tip#3
Remember “what you see is what you get,” especially when buying a color wig.
So don’t go by the colors on the computer screen. Different brands have different color rings, so know your mind before making the selection.
Request for color rings or order them accordingly to your choices.

Color wigs are easy to maintain. You can shampoo most types of wigs, but they do require TLC (tender loving care)!!

So when you aren’t using your color wigs, hang them on wig stands and store in a cool, dark, and dry place or check with your wig manufacturer for instructions.

Style Your Way with Pink Wig - Today’s advanced way of living, more and more people are wearing wigs not out of necessity but because of the fashion sense. Wearing color wigs like purple wigs, pink wig, and even yellow wigs projects an air of confidence, individuality, and even an eye-catching style.

Red Wig Make Real Head-Turners - The most popular in the wig industry are red wigs. Red color wigs give you a sophisticated and stylish look. There is something special with red that is incomparable with others. Red is the color of love, passion, the symbol of fire, and sensuality.

Get Funky with Green Wigs - Got a thing for green? Why not try to be funky with green wig. Green hair wigs are perfect for cosplays, Halloween parties, costume parties, and even for everyday use. Color wig can make a good fashion statement too.

Blue Wigs: The Latest in Hair Fashion - Styling and coloring your Blue wigs makes you IN with the trend. Of course, it depends on your taste. Many individuals like colour wigs better that match their natural colors, and manufacturers help them by providing color charts. 

Making Yourself and Your Friends Stunning Black Wigs - For women who make it a habit to change into colour wigs, here are some effective tips in coloring either human or synthetic hair wig or just transforming your blonde or white hair piece into black wigs. 

How to Keep Your Colored Hair Extension in Perfect Condition - Wearing colored hair extension is a fast and convenient way to change your look and hairstyle without having to wait for several weeks to get your desired hair length. If you do not know how to take proper care of your colour wig, you would not be able to enjoy your extension hair for as long as you should.

Being in with Outrageous Colour Wigs - People of today wear colored wigs as part of their fashion style and fancy dressing such as Halloween or costume parties. Also there were quite a lot of celebrities that were known and associated to using different colour wig such as pink wig, red wig.

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