Clip In Ponytails: Tips and Tricks to
Natural Looking Ponytailed Hair

So who are clip in ponytails designed for? Wearing a full wig is easy enough to do and does not require a person to choose one that comes in almost the exact same shade as their original hair.

When it comes to clip in ponytails however, a person needs to look not only for a hair piece that closely matches the color of their hair but also matches the texture as well.

Finding yourself the right ponytails means that you will need to choose from a number of available ones and these include two major types of hair clip-ons.

Two Types of Clip In Ponytail

Just like the clip ponytail that you find being sold online and in hair shops near you, clip on ponytails can also be made with real human hair and with synthetic hair:

Real Human Hair. Real human hair ponytails that can be clipped on, just like real hair wigs and hairpieces, come with advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the advantages of using real hair ponytails include the ability to color these hair pieces if you cannot find one that closely matches your hair color and their ability to be blown dried.

The disadvantages that come with wigs and hairpieces that are made with real hair is that these suffer the same kinds of damage that real hair suffers.

For example, if real hair can get split ends, tangled, dry up, and turn brittle, your clip ponytail made with real hair can as well.

Synthetic Hair. These ponytails made with synthetic hair also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Clip in ponytails that are made with synthetic hair is easier to find, and you can readily find your hair color and texture from selections made with synthetic hair.

Another advantage you get with synthetic hair pieces is that these are cheaper than real hair.

Even if you are only getting clip-ons, you will find that real hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair ones.

Disadvantages that come with this kind of hair extension include the inability to blow-dry it and the fact that you cannot change its color with hair dye.

How to Clip Your Ponytails On

When you find the clip on ponytails that match your real hair color and texture, the next thing you need to do is to learn how to use these properly.

While some people may think that it is easy to do this, and it is once you’ve had practice, it does take a bit of learning to be able to use these ponytails and make them look natural on your head.

Here are steps and tips you need to take in order for you to effectively use your clip in ponytails:

You need to have relatively longish hair to be able to pull off clip on ponytails. What you need to do first is to brush your hair back and to tie it in a tight and clean bun.

A clean and tight bun is needed to secure your clip in ponytails to your head.

If you are using long clip on ponytails, you should place the bun higher up on your head. If your clip ponytail are fairly short, the middle of your crown will do nicely.

Secure the clips of your ponytail at the base of the bun. Tuck these in well so that it can look natural.

To make these clip ponytail look more like your own hair instead of a clip-on, take a portion of the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the bun.

This helps cover up the pins and clips that are there as well. Secure this loop with clips and pins underneath the bun.

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