Get the Classic Beauty Look
with a Cleopatra Wig

So who would wear a Cleopatra Wig? A constant favorite character in costume and Halloween parties is Cleopatra and her many variant looks.

Even if you are donning an Egyptian-inspired dress and matching jewelries, no accessory will make it complete without the signature hair.

When it comes to aesthetics and hair care, nothing beats the legendary queen of Egypt.

She was the epitome of beauty and elegance. And her look will never be all-embracing without her jet-black colour wig.

It was told that her head was shaved off her natural hair and she had custom-made black color wigs that were made from the finest materials and were cleansed with exquisite organics—a treatment made especially for a queen.

How to Get the Look With A Cleopatra Wig

Costumes that replicate Cleopatra are usually sold in sets and are available online and in costume shops.

But if you want to achieve the look, and have the items separately, these are the must-have details, starting from head to foot.

Cleopatra wig: The silky straight pitch-black colour wig that has been her identity should be given attention, plus the golden snake that goes around it.

The mere sight of those costume wigs can say much about the queen.

Egyptian Goddess - Cleopatra Deluxe Wig
Cleopatra Adult Costume

The long flowing gown : Cleopatra was known for wearing the finest long gowns that were mostly white or gold.

Mediocrity was never a part of the queen’s vocabulary—everything about her was elegant and astounding.

The colossal pieces of jewelry : The golden snake around the arm, the huge chunks of precious stones that emblazoned her cuffs, these were the commonly seen accessories that she wore.

You need not buy the real ones because they surely are worth hundreds of dollars, fancy jewelries or those found in thrift shops and bazaars can be a wise choice.

Snake Asp Armband

Cleopatra Headpiece
Kids Gladiator Sandal

The leather sandals : In the earliest Egyptian era, you would not find anyone even the royalties wearing stilettos.

So to complete the Cleopatra look, wear flat strappy leather sandals.

Dying the Cleopatra Wig

To achieve the shiny ebony costume wigs, they are usually dyed, unless a Remy hair of same color was utilized.
Chances are these wigs are made of natural hair because synthetic wigs are hard to dye since the plastic material being used does not absorb the dye.
But if it is synthetic in nature, then a pitch-black-colored plastic hair strand was used, and these are widely available in costume shops and are far way cheaper as well.

Care Tips for your Cleopatra Wig

  • Storage: A wig block is usually recommended for proper storage of your costume wig.

    This ensures that your wig won’t be flattened or crushed. If you don’t have wig blocks then boxes that are large enough to contain the wig without having to scrunch or fold the wig would also be practical.

    This helps maintain the shape of your Cleopatra costume wig and minimize the tangling as well.

  • Cleaning the lace: Gauze pads with alcohol can be used in cleaning it. Dab it gently, and replace the gauze once soiled.

    It is advisable to use gauze instead of cotton pads to minimize unwanted fiber to stick on the lace of your Cleopatra costume wig.

  • Using hairspray: Avoid heavy lacquer-based sprays and opt for non-aerosols instead.

    Light spraying is ideal; this prevents unwanted residue and helps maintain the integrity of the color wigs.

  • Blow drying, curling, and ironing: This is highly discouraged if you have the synthetic Cleopatra wig because it will cause severe damage on the wig. For natural hair, light heat can be applied for its styling.

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