The Trendy China Doll Wig

More about that China doll wig look. Find If you are an avid collector of dolls, then making their costumes would be more exciting than actually buying ready-made outfits.

Given the exquisite look, you will have to style your doll into its most attractive getup. And a big part of dressing up your dolls would mean also giving them the most suitable hairstyle.

Depending on the costume, doll wigs can vary from style to style. Thus, it is important to personally choose your doll’s hairstyle.

You can have the freedom to choose your doll’s hair by actually make one, a china doll wig, for instance.

Now, when you start making doll wigs, you will have to gather several materials necessary for wigging.

Depending on the method you want to use, there are many online guides to help you make doll wigs right at the comforts of your home.

Options for the Doll Wig Material

Doll wigs, including a porcelain doll wig, are usually made from viscose, mohair, or Tibetan lamb wool, which is more preferred to achieve that natural-looking hair.

These wig-making materials can be easily purchased from the Internet via online suppliers or simply buying from specialty stores.

  • The viscose material used for doll wigs is the shiniest among other miniature wigs.

    Viscose is also excellent since this material is easy to curl using knitting needles and is less likely to form frizz.

  • The Tibetan lamb wool is also used in achieving natural wavy styles for long-haired dolls.

  • Mohair, on one hand, is commonly used by doll makers in forming thick fibers of braids.

  • There are also doll makers who use silk fiber or tussah, wool yarns, embroidery threads, among others.

Steps in Making China Doll Wigs

So why not try making your own china doll wig? In fact, the hair that comes with your original doll is not actually permanent, and you can replace it with your handmade china doll wig.

To retool the hair of your doll, you can simply make use of different wigs for your doll. And to this, here are some steps in making your wig for china doll:

First off, you will have to choose your preferred hair style for your doll.

If you still have no idea on how you want your china doll to look like, then you can try browsing fashion magazines or watch television to get some tips and ideas in deciding for your doll’s hairstyle.

Once you have finally made up your mind on what hair style your doll will have, the next step is to gather the materials in making your wig for china doll.

You will need a doll head, plastic wrap, transparent craft glue, light fabric pen, wig material (either human hair, dyed hair, or fur), plastic netting, packing peanuts, chenille yarn, feathers, silk flowers, pantyhose, ribbon, curling ribbon, and upholstery fringe.

  • After you have all you need in making your doll wig, place your doll into a stable working area.

  • Mark the doll’s hairline with a light fabric pen. This mark will be the wig base that will guide you in placing the hair material for the wig.

  • Now, take the plastic wrap to cover the head and glue the plastic wrap evenly around the head.

  • Put the wig material, whether human hair or fur, on the head with plastic wrap.

  • At last, the china doll wig is finally in place. You will now have to allow the glue to completely dry and once it has dried, you can freely adjust the wig or remove it.

    You can even curl the wig if you are using human hair.

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