A First Timer’s Guide To Celebrity Wigs

Style and fashion are inseparable and celebrity wigs are a great way to make a style statement in the fashion circles.
Everyone dreams of looking like Hollywood celebs like Jean Simmons or Audrey Hepburn or Catherine Zeta Jones or Scarlett Johansson.
You may have the most alluring wardrobe, but what will really set the temperature soaring and make you the connoisseur of all eyes, is a celebrity wig that redefines your personality!

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To be Victoria or Katie or Jennifer…?

Celebrities are famous for their ever-changing, immaculate yet mysterious and at times weird hairstyles.

So if you have been looking for a wig that will go well with the ever changing fashion styles, then celebrity wigs is the best way to make that statement.

Whether you are looking for something simple and edgy like Victoria Beckham's chic and sleek bob or something more “out of the box” like Katie Holmes’ pixie cut or the long straight, naturally streaks tresses made famous by Jennifer Anniston,

– celebrity wigs can offer you all that and much more. One for the style and one for the road!!

Options galore…

There are some celebrity wigs that are extremely popular while others have their own subtle impact.

Long hair wigs have been quite popular since their existence and have been worn by queens and princesses of ancient empires.

Somehow long hair wigs have maintained their superiority up until now when they are on the verge of being dethroned by several smaller hair wigs including the bob hair wigs.

Made extremely popular mostly by the likes of Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Katie Holmes, Paris Hilton, Ellen Barkin, and Jenny McCarthy among others; the bob hair wigs are the order of the day!

WigsExpert Tip#1
Celebrity wigs are the most redefining fashion trend. The best part is that there are several options and styles to choose from and this means that you can even wear your wigs according to your moods or season or the occasion.

Styles and more styles…

Styles, colors, and curls are what the famous and their hair are all about. Wigs are available in the following hair styles:

  • Simple hair styles: These are categorized under the long hair wigs and resemble the style sported most often by Jessica Alba.

  • Shaq hair style: Made extremely popular by Brittany Murphy, this is categorized under short celebrity wigs or even bob hair wigs. You can wear the cute shag style to your boardroom meetings or the medium length choppy style for an evening of rave.
  • Curly Wavy style: This type of celeb wig is perfect for formal evenings and moonlit dinners with someone special. Most celebs have been seen sporting this style for Academy Award nominations as well. This is one style that never fails to impress.

  • Thick and thin style: Another style that goes perfectly well with long skirts and office wear.

  • Scene hair style: recommended for rendering Gothic effects. This style of celeb wig will bring out the punk, the rebel; the junkie in you and at the same time eludes a subtle girlish charm.

Is my wig out of place?

There are many hair styles that are available, but not all of them might suit you.

Wigs are a very personal choice and hence should be chosen according to your overall personality and must be a perfect match.

Wearing a short bob Gothic wig for a director-investor meeting is certainly not going to work. 

If you are confused regarding choosing the right style of celeb wig, then you should call a wig and style expert like those offered at WigsExpert.com.

Of course, you can experiment and get it right but that might take a toll on your investment and time.

WigsExpert Tip#2
Hair pieces of the famous are really hot and hence should be handled with care!! Yes, like human hair, wigs also need care, maintenance, and attention.
The more you care about the wigs; the more radiant they will be and the longer they will last.

Are Celebrity Wigs Easy Maintenance…?

Whether they are long hair or short hair wigs, Celeb wigs need a lot of attention and good care.

Brushing or combing of the wigs is necessary in order for them to retain their luster and longevity.

But using a normal combing brush can tear the fiber strands or damage the wig. It is best to buy a “wig specialist” – a combing brush made only for wigs.

Wash them once in a while using mild shampoo and avoid using curling irons or hot blow driers!

Never twist the wig to dry as it will kill it. Just use a nice little drier that blows neither hot nor cold air and dries perfectly in time for your evening rendezvous!

Enjoy looking and feeling like a million bucks!

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