Cancer Wigs for Hair Loss

Cancer Wigs have several essential uses, the most of it is to conceal hair loss due to serious health disease and the side effects of its medications or natural hair loss due to aging.

Diseases that lead to hair loss are leukemia and chemotherapies for cancer patients, among others. However, cancer wigs are a good alternative to restoring hair without the pain of cosmetic surgeries to grow hair.

Wigs are generally worn for the head because of fashion or for other aesthetic purposes. There are also other cultural and religious matters that use wigs for their respective observance.

Actors and entertainers oftentimes wear wigs to best carry a character’s personality and looks in them. But there is more to wigs than just an accessory, such as in cases of wigs for cancer patients.

Specially Made Wigs for Cancer Patients

Cancer wigs have been widely used for many purposes, but essentially they were created for aiding those patients who are suffering from hair loss due to some diseases or as effects from medications.

Wigs that are made for medical use are especially selected to help hair loss patients. In particular, wigs for cancer patients have a wide range of features aimed at providing comfort, natural appearance, and a good fit to the patient so that the wig will not slip or fall from the head. 

On the other hand, some patients find it hard to adjust wearing medical cranial prostheses and becoming accustomed to use medical wigs every day.

Hence, due to this reason, cancer wigs and other wigs for medical use are carefully picked so that the hair would have natural appeal quality, fine hair volume, exquisitely crafted cap, and soft materials made for sensitive scalp.

Some Types of Medical Cancer Wigs

Just like other wigs used by actors, models, or even ordinary people, medical wigs and cancer wigs have different varieties depending on the materials used and the hair design. Some of these wigs for cancer patients include:

  • Wigs for medical patients who have suffered great hair loss during treatments or therapies oftentimes use short and layered wig styles. .

These types of medical wigs are extremely comfortable and light to wear. Prostheses made from soft materials are recommended for patients who have undergone hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy, and other medical treatments.

  • These wigs have been specifically made with soft mesh cap that has a unique silicon material that keeps the wig stay on the head without shifting or falling.

    Moreover, these wigs are treated to avoid tangling as well as provide easy maintenance and care.
  • Synthetic wigs for cancer patients are excellent for treatments of breast cancer. For patients who want a longer and smoother style for their hair, there are available medical wigs to choose from.

    Medical hair prostheses with longer style usually appear so that the top is like natural skin material that makes the hair seem organic and rooted from a real scalp.

    Long wigs are made with a hook adjustment so that the hair would not slip at the nape area of the neck.

  • Several medical hair prostheses are great solutions for hair loss. Wigs for cancer patients, in particular, have ultra thin and skin-like properties that give a natural suction type effect on the head.
  •  Wigs for medical purposes are often referred to as cranial hair prosthesis, and these medical wigs are often covered under insurance as a result of serious medical therapies. 
    These are carefully made to serve good use for each patient’s head, and the only thing you as a patient needs is to choose the right one that fits your head.