Taking Good Care of Your Britney Wigs

Who would choose Britney wigs? With the help of exciting wigs, you can instantly don any celebrity look to complete your getup.

You can even look like a star with celebrity wigs. For instance, are a hit with women, teens, and children especially during parties and other events.

But wearing these celebrity wigs including Britney wigs takes more than just placing it over your head.

The following are some ways to keep your celebrity wigs, whether made of synthetic or human hair strands, as good as brand new.

  • In maintaining Britney Spears wig made of human hair, it is important to protect it from oil and grease by keeping your scalp clean.

    Aside from regularly washing your natural hair, make sure to use wig cap under the wig.
  • When you have Britney Spears wig made from human hair, it is also necessary to infrequently wash it. 

Also, wear your human hair wig only for about six times in between washings, but if the wig starts to appear dirty and oily, wear it rarely between washings.

  • Before washing these Britney wigs made of human hair, make sure to remove the tangles.

    You can use a wig pick for curly celebrity wigs or even a brush suitable for straight-style wigs.

    You will have to carefully comb or brush the hair strands of the wig.
  • Next, prepare lukewarm water into the sink and add wig shampoo then soak your wig for about five minutes in the water.

    After this, gently squeeze the excess water out from the wig strands and rinse in lukewarm water.
  • After this, place the wig again in the sink and then pour shampoo and massage the wig.

    Remember to avoid over-massaging the wig and then rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Once you are done shampooing your celebrity wigs like Britney wigs, you will have to condition it.

    Pour a small amount of conditioner into the wig and massage again for at least five minutes.

    Then rinse again with lukewarm water and squeeze out water gently from the wig.
  • To dry the wig, place it in a towel and blot gently. Then place it on a wig stand to allow the air to dry it. You can also try drying the wig with a blower on a low level.

  • After drying the wig, you can now brush or comb it gently.

Caring for Synthetic Britney Wigs

On the other hand, Britney wigs and other celebrity wigs made from synthetic hair strands are most common and popular today.

And synthetic celebrity wigs offer a number of benefits compared with natural hair, including of course the convenient way of maintaining it.

Note that synthetic celebrity wigs are more convenient and easier to clean and dry compared with human hair wigs.

These synthetic wigs can also stay better in style and shape:

  • In cleaning up a synthetic wig, the first thing to do is to purchase a shampoo especially made for synthetic wigs.

  • Use a wire brush in brushing your wig before washing it.

  • Next, add a teaspoon of the shampoo into a container of cold water. Remember not to use hot or warm water on synthetic wigs.
  • Next, place the wig into the cold water and let it stand for a minute until the shampoo seeps throughout the wig strands.
  • After this, remove the wig from the container and squeeze gently the excess water from the wig and dry with a towel. Make sure to avoid wringing or wagging it to avoid damages.
  • Let the wig dry for a couple of hours before styling it, and after using the wig, always keep it in a wig stand to maintain its shape.

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