The Ultimate Guide To Brand Wig

A brand wig can enhance your personality and increase your confidence multifold!

Whether you need a colored wig for a theme party or just something to make a bold fashion statement, there is a brand wig for every occasion and any event that you can think of.

Brands in the wig industry

Over the years, wigs have become a fashion statement and today there are quite a few top brands the offer some of the most fashionable wigs in the world.

Some of the top brands in hair wigs today include Raquel Welch, Revlon, Jon Renau, Rene of Paris, Estetica, Wig Pro, Vivica Fox, Noriko, and Amore among others. 

Each of the top brands also specializes in offering hair wigs in 4 different categories and these are human hair wigs, long wigs, medium wigs, and short wigs.

With so many options available, you will need a really good excuse not to wear one!

WigsExpert Tip#1
Brand wigs reinforce the fact that you are in total control! 
These hair wigs are not only available in different hair styles but also in different colors, which means that you can now sport a new fashion statement each day of the week!

Is it a good investment or…?

If you thought that brand wigs are all about additional expenses then think again! How does it feel to be the center of attention in gala dinners or parties?

Exactly! That’s why a brand wig is a great investment because it will make you feel like a queen! That my friends, is a real experience!

This is not all, brand wigs are available in so many hair styles that you might run out of ideas in life but you will never run out wigs.

When talking about investment, a top of the line and bestseller wig like the Voltage Wig by Raquel Welch carries a price tag of just $115 while the super hot Nirvana Wig by Revlon comes for just $119.

That’s a small price to pay for a hot new look!

Managing A Brand wig …?

Are you worried about hair wig care? Do you feel that managing brand wigs can be a real tough task?

The truth is that managing these stylish and totally ubercool wigs are as easy as a walk in the park! All you need are a few tools like the wig brush or a pic comb.

Now you can even wash them after every 20 to 30 wearings or every 4-6 weeks using wig shampoo and conditioner.

Now doesn’t that sound as easy as having a bath or washing day-to-day clothes?

WigsExpert Tip#2
One of the important things to remember is that wigs are either made from human hair or synthetic hair.
Using wig shampoo and conditioner for synthetic hair on human hair wigs can damage the wig.
Being a little careful about the wig care products that you buy can keep you wig running for a long, long, really long time………

Hair length, face shape, and measurements…

Wigs can not only look good but can make you feel good as well. There is one small aspect though – finding a wig that fits!

Brand wigs are categorized under three different sizes, also known as the wig cap circumference. These are 21" for petite body frame, 211/2" for medium body frame, and 23" for large body frame.

Branded hair wigs can be classified according to the following hair lengths:

  • Short Wigs
  • Mid Length Wigs
  • Long Wigs
  • Updo Wigs
  • Slip-on hair pieces
  • Hairpieces
  • ¾ Cap falls
  • Hair extensions

You can even shop for some of the hottest collection of brand wigs according to the shape of your face. The three most common facial shapes include:

  1. Oval shape: This is the most common and plenty of wig styles are available under this category
  2. Round shape: Short length wig styles are the most common for this shape
  3. Square shape: Most of the wig styles available for this shape are curly long and short styles

WigsExpert Tip#3
All hair lengths are available in different styles, type of hair, and categories of wigs. 
It is always important to determine the style that will go with your personality and the size before you buy a wig.

A brand wig is different in many ways from any normal wig because they have been built around some of the most popular hair styles and complement both the 60’s or 70’s styles as well as the modern day ubercool look.

This is what makes these wigs so special and they exude a different feel altogether!

Get Some Style in Your Life with Remi Hair - That’s the power of Remi hair wigs. If you have been looking out for a hair wig that will bring out your true personality then feel the Remi velvet connection and spice up your life!

The Reincarnation of Noriko Wigs - What is it about Noriko wigs that make them the talk of the town? It’s the fibers! Noriko wigs are known to last for very long. They are strong and durable and when you add the style quotient to it – you can an explosive result!

What You Always Wanted to Know About Jon Renau Wigs - Hair wigs are an important part of the personality and when it comes to Jon Renau wigs, they really bring out the best of your personality! Considered as one of the top brands in hair wigs, Jon Renau styles were even voted amongst the top 40 looks.

The Bangs and Blunts of Hairdo! - Wondered what makes the innocent look of Drew Barrymore or the seductive Jessica Simpson look tick? Hairdo! That’s what hair styling and fashion is all about. Now you can get the style you want, the look and feel you desire, and the personality you only wished in your dreams with just a small Hairdo. Time to bring on the change!

Give Fashion a Twist with Rene of Paris Wigs. - Hair styling experts swear by Rene of Paris; ramp models wearing hair wigs from Rene of Paris light the stage with fire of seductiveness. Give Fashion a Twist with Rene of Paris Wigs.

Show off in Style with Revlon Wigs. - When you mix classic style with contemporary looks, you get Revlon wigs! Voted in the top 40 looks of the year, Revlon short wigs were chosen as the clear winner.

Forever Hot Wig Pro Wigs - Wig Pro wigs are the Katherine Hepburn of wig styles! Why? It is because Wig Pro offers the classic feel of Katherine Hepburn era mixed with generous portions of the Lara Croft sensuality.

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