Creative Ways to Use Braided Hair Extensions

Who would use Braided Hair Extensions? These days, having mid-length to somewhat short hair is no longer a problem even when you want to copy certain hair trends that require long hair.

For those who wish to copy braided hairstyles, like cornrows and braided chignons, you can use these.

These hair extensions can be easily achieved with the help of hair professionals who are adept at using wigs and hair pieces to achieve the kinds of hairstyles people want even when they do not have the hair length for it.

Real Hair or Synthetic Hair Extensions

These hair extensions come in many popular styles that can make you look fabulous.

If you can spare the time to have these wigs and hair pieces attached to your own hair, you can enjoy the many different braided hair trends long-haired individuals enjoy.

You can use real hair for these styles or you can choose to have synthetic hair weaved and braided into your hair to help you achieve the styles that you want to try.

In choosing the hair extensions you will use for your braided hairstyle choices, you will need to choose the ones that match your hair texture and color almost perfectly.

You will also need to choose hair extensions that you can easily manage and maintain.

Since braided hairstyles require a different kind of care, due to the possibility of these braids coming lose if not taken care of properly, you will also need to determine whether or not you have the time or the patience to do these hair care methods required of such hair pieces.

Popular Braided Hair Styles
that Can Use Extensions

Using extensions to achieve the kind of braided hair styles you want is easy as long as the wigs and hair pieces that you use to extend your hair with are attached to your head securely and properly.

Braided hair extensions may be difficult to achieve on your own and you will need to have a professional do some of these hair styles for you.

Braided extensions attached the right way can however last a very long time since these are attached to your real hair via weaving and via braiding both at the same time.

Here are some of the styles people try
when it comes to braided hair extensions:

  • Micro Braids – These are small braids that start from the scalp outwards.

    Using wigs and hair pieces to achieve this look is not really necessary as long as you have hair that is long enough to be braided.

    Some women however choose to use braided hair extensions for this look in order to give them the length and volume they want from this hairstyle.

You can have your micro braids done by a professional or you can have a friend who is adept at braiding to do this for you.

  • Box Braids and Curly Hair Extensions – While the braids in this style are usually found near the scalp, you can still use braided hair extensions with curly ends for this style.

    You will need to find wigs and hair pieces that suit this short but sassy hairstyle to be able to pull this off and this means you will need to find wigs and hair pieces that are curly and mid length.
  • Goddess Braids – This style uses braided hair extensions to create an illusion of thick, long hair in braids when the person wearing these extensions actually has mid-length hair or thinning hair near the tips.

    Goddess braids are braids that are started at the scalp and continue on down to the very end of the person’s hair. 

You can use extensions to lengthen these braids and to give you the goddess-like long tresses you want.

The extensions you use for this hairstyle can be integrated in the braid in the middle of the braiding process to make them stay securely in the hairstyle.

WigsExpert advice! Wear a unique braided hair look with braided hair extensions. Seek the help of hair experts to aid you in finding the right hair extensions that will answer your hair needs.

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