Black Wigs Making You
and Your Friends Look Stunning

Black wigs in the past few years, have made a comeback in the fashion industry as well as in the wardrobe of most women of today.

Although there are a number of people who prefer wigs out of human hair compared to the synthetically made hair, costs of a single wig are oftentimes too expensive.

But for women who make it a habit to change into color wigs, here are some effective tips in coloring either human or synthetic hair wig or just transforming your blonde or white hair piece into black.

Steps in Coloring Human Wigs

  • To transform blonde-colored wigs into black wigs, first get a dye that will give your wig the authentic black color.

    You can pick a shade of black that complements your natural hair or go for a lighter shade if you intend to make your wig color very differently.

    However, if you are truly confident that black wigs would best fit your look, try any kind of black shade for your wig.
  • Of course, you have to gather all the needed materials in coloring your wig black before starting the process.

    Make sure all of the stuff you will use are within arm’s reach.

  • Using wig pins, pin your original wig into the wig form and make sure it holds in place while you are making it black. Black hair wigs need to be placed securely to even out the color.

  • Below the wig form, place a towel to keep the dye from spreading onto the countertop and surface of the wig.

  • Now, you can apply a hair dye just like coloring a natural hair. Carefully read the instructions indicated in the box to achieve desired results for black wigs.

Basically, making a colour wig involves combing the dye throughout the wig with the use of a comb with wide teeth or hair pick. Black color wigs have to be pulled through the dye from the top till the hair stands.

  • After every fifteen minutes, it is important to check the color of the dye to make sure the expected wig color is met. Make sure that you are aiming for black wigs that are not overly processed to avoid permanent damage on the wig.

  • Then, take away the wig from the wig form and wash the black hair wigs in cold water until the dye completely runs out from the water.
  • When you dry the wig, make sure to put it back into the wig form. Use again a wide-toothed comb to easily resolve the tangled strand on your colour wig.

  • The last step in dying your colour wig is by combing and styling it into a desired style. Use a hairspray cautiously in styling your wig.

Try herbs for healthy hair.

Black Wigs; Tips in Coloring Synthetic Hair

  • Just like transforming originally color wigs into a jet-black shade, choose the black-colored dye and then determine whether you want the wig to be sprayed or pen-dispensed by hair paint.

  • Next, place the colour wig into a wig form and pin it securely in place. Put the wig form onto a surface that will not be damaged by the paint.

  • Mix equal parts of water and acrylic dye on a container until everything is thoroughly blended.

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Color Wigs and Hair Pieces Reviews

Womens Wigs and Hair Pieces Reviews

  • Get a small paintbrush and start working in coloring the hair black.

  • Let the paint stand on the wig for couple of hours and perform a test timing to figure how long would the paint remain on the wig.

  • After this, remove the painted wig from the wig form and rinse it in cold water. Be sure to avoid shampooing or conditioning the wig.

  • Let the wig dry for up to thirty six hours.